Silhouette Accent Rings: the evolution of rimless


Rimless glasses that you match with your outfit or your mood? The TMA Accent Rings from Silhouette turn your glasses into real eyecatchers.

Silhouette, Wien, Oper, 2018, Copyright

Lightness and character now take an innovative new form with these rimless design icons by the House of Silhouette. Roland Keplinger, Head of Design, explains:

How did you make ‘rimless’ into something eye-catching?
Roland Keplinger: “We’ve been asking ourselves for a long time, what should today’s rimless glasses look like? How can we reinterpret this style? Our first attempts at creating ‘Accent Rings’ were over four years ago. But, ever since the recent trend towards increasingly light eyewear began, we’ve started seriously working on this again. The real breakthrough came when we realised that you don’t have to look at ‘Accent Rings’ as simple rings, but that we could experiment with different kinds of lens shapes. This opens up an incredible new creative playing field for designers. The first models were inspired by butterflies—light, intricate and elegant.”

What makes this collection so special?
Roland Keplinger: “That’s undoubtedly the innovative new look. While not a classic rimless style, it’s also not classic full-rim eyewear. The collection is a hybrid of the two that fits perfectly with the times.”

Silhouette, Wien, Oper, 2018, Copyright

What challenges did you face during the design process?
Roland Keplinger: “The greatest challenge was finding the perfect production method for the Accent Rings. Together with our research and development team, we made countless attempts at figuring out how to create these parts. In the end, the only way to attain the quality we were looking for was to use injection moulding. You wouldn’t believe how much attention to detail goes into achieving the precision and surface quality that these simple-looking rings require.”

Silhouette, Wien, Oper, 2018, Copyright

The new TMA Icon Accent Rings boast an impressive combination of brushed and glossy surfaces. What’s the impact of this dynamism?
Roland Keplinger: When designing the colour scheme, it was extremely important to us to create a harmonious overall look. We redeveloped the ends of the earpieces, where the ring concept is reflected in the form of a small, metallic accent. The mixture of glossy and matte surfaces is balanced and coordinated to flatter different skin types. The interplay between matte and glossy conveys excitement and premium quality.”

The collection colour scheme is fresh and lively. How did you decide on the colours?
Roland Keplinger: “We started with in-depth trend research when choosing the colours. That’s how we arrived at the combination of Pantone violet (the colour of the year) and a matte, rose-gold earpiece, for example. Brass is another on-trend metallic shade right now, along with the ethereal, translucent Accent Ring colours. These place an emphasis on lightness. The goal was to offer a fresh, fashion-forward colour palette that works with the shapes to create new accents.”

Silhouette, Wien, Oper, 2018, Copyright


Silhouette, Wien, Oper, 2018, Copyright
Silhouette, Wien, Oper, 2018, Copyright

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