Bougie-Bijou: when Candles meet Jewellery

Bougie-Bijou is a beautiful creation by accessory designer Olivia Hainaut. Inspired by the timeless elegance of the 1970s in the film and fashion world, she has combined two luxurious pleasures into one enchanting experience. Each candle is a tribute to champagne, a symbol of joy and sophistication, enriched with a hidden jewel inside.

Each jewel is a limited creation, either in sterling silver, gold-plated with fine gold on a silver base, or in gold (made to order). Each candle is carefully crafted in Belgium from high-quality, 100% natural wax, enabling a clean and even burn. Our containers are either crystal champagne glasses or flutes, vintage and carefully selected, reflecting the ecological and responsible commitment of allume-moi. 

Photo Maria Dawlat

From 65 Euros onwards.
Instagram @allumemoi.bougiebijou or @Oliviahainaut

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