NOOR by Nora Gharib the newest exclusive fashion collection @ ZEB

ZEB is kicking off the fashion season with NOOR, a brand new exclusive co-creation in collaboration with presenter, actress and TV personality Nora Gharib. The result? A sizzling, summer collection full of elegant, feminine classic looks in a warm, exotic colour palette.

By Anja Van Der Borght

Nora Gharib and fashion are inextricably linked. Not only is her mum retoucher in an Italian clothing shop and did Nora and her sisters grew up in between yarns and pin cushions, the presenter/actress/all-round TV personality is known for her unique sense of style and sparkling charisma. Under the label NOOR, she and ZEB designed a summer capsule collection that sums up the essence of her style. Expect Nora’s favourite pieces in her preferred colours and prints with an exotic touch.

‘Orange’ is the red thread through the NOOR collection.

With NOOR, Nora Gharib launches a versatile collection for real power women. “It is a collection every piece of which I would want to wear myself, but also a collection that suits to all my friends and sisters. It is a collection for people of all sizes, for people who want to show a lot or little of themselves. “I don’t want to exclude anyone”, Nora says. “For instance, I have a sister who wears a headscarf – I think she is the most stylish one of us but she likes modest fashion. And she is not alone. That is why I wanted to add some longer pieces to the collection like a shirt that falls a bit longer with a nice pair of suit trousers to go with it. ZEB gave me complete freedom to make what I wanted and I loved that. I could choose the colours, the fabrics, the patterns, … It was such a pleasure to work with them.” The collection is the real Noor style. But the collection also contains a short skirt and dresses and dark colours for the women that only want to wear black. “Not everyone wants to walk around in bright orange like I do”, Nora says.

“My mom has looked at every sample and has given her opinion what to adapt: put a seam elsewhere, make sure that folds left and right are equal, …”, Nora says. “My mother is super perfectionist. When we were child, she used to make clothes for us but I still think ‘not enough’. Sometimes I would show her a dress in a magazine and I would aks her to make it in another colour or fabric but she simply didn’t have the time to do it. At moments she combined several jobs and in her spare time she would be sewing or adapting clothes for friends and family. But I still remember the cool gym bags she made for me and my sisters from old Levi’s jeans vests – she used to work at Levi’s for some time – and we were so proud to have them. I remember the little Levi’s label she stitched on them.”   

I am very loyal to the jewels I wear. I wear this ‘Noor’ necklace already five years. But apart from another fashion collection I am dreaming to make a jewellry collection.

Nora Gharib

“Of course this fashion collection tastes of more”, Nora says. “Of another fashion collection or a jewelry collection. Why not? I am very loyal to the jewels I wear. I wear this ‘Noor’ necklace already five years, I always wear the same earrings and recently I started wearing rings. I love jewels on other persons but I simply forget to put them on myself in the morning being busy with my job, my daughter, … However I understand how it makes an outfit complete and I think I should pay more attention to it. But now I can only think of the next fashion collection. So stay tuned!”

From 25th of February, exclusively availabel at the ZEB stores.
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