The Berquin WOW collection : bold pieces and jewels in evolution

‘Passion is the best motivation’. This must be the life motto of the Brussels jeweller Katherine Berquin. Rarely have we heard someone talk about gems and semiprecious stones so enthusiastically. Berquins collections are really WOW, as is the boutique near the sablon and her personality!

Text: Anja Van Der Borght

For Katherine Berquin customization is more than a trend. “It is a state of mind of the purest form of gold carat”, she explains. We ourselves associate customization with pure luxury. A one of a kind piece of jewelry is the greatest gift to tell someone that he or she is unique.

For seventeen years Katherine Berquin has been creating jewels that fit seamlessly with the wishes and the personality of her customers. Therefore no jewel is equal, all her creations excel in originality, without being blingbling.

Katherine Berquin.

After working in an atelier at her home for almost two decades, Berquin recently opened her own boutique workshop, near the Grand Sablon in Brussels. This eclectic neighborhood is the ideal home for this jewelery house that is founded on unbridled creativity and years of know-how in the field of gemstones. The store entirely reflects the designer’s personality and, by extension, the style of her ‘modular’ jewelry. It’s elegant and warmly decorated at the same time. The shop also exudes the duality of the collections thanks to the combination of noble and rough woods, natural materials and well chosen lighting.

“It is a privilege to have a store near the Sablon,” says Katherine who until recently did not think of opening her own boutique. The course she has taken is quite atypical. Everything started with her passion for stones. In Antwerp and Lausanne she developed her knowledge of gems and learned the art of goldsmithing to be able to process the gems in jewels. She started her one-man business when she was only 23 years young. Her passion for stones opened the door of the ‘High Council for Diamonds’ in Antwerp (AWDC Antwerp World Diamond Center) where she also followed a course. She was offered a job in the laboratory of the ‘colored stones’ department where she worked for several years as a lab technician and as a teacher. During all these years she developped the skills of a versatile jeweler. Now she lets her inspiration run free and she creates real dream jewels. Her designs are determined by the the wide range of gems – from classical to original. Her creations are playful and chic at the same time. They radiate refinement but also power.

WOW Series unique cocktail ring in 18ct white gold with a chalcedony (22.65ct) surrounded by 258 diamonds (1.92 ct) – 15.950 Euros.

Katherine Berquin’s tailormade jewels can best be described as ‘bold pieces’ and as ‘jewels in transition’. Each jewel is created like a piece of clothing that is meant to highlight the personality of the person who wears it. Unique pieces and collection pieces are minutely made to measure, taking into account the right proportions. These ‘tailormade’ jewels are made in the studio that Katherine Berquin leads and can be divided into two collections: the ‘WOW’ series, which you can recognize at the bold designs and the “REFLECTION” series, which consists of transformable jewels (more about this later on in another post).

Grand Waterfall ring from the Reflection series in 18ct white gold with 116 diamonds (0.060 ct) – 5.020 Euros.
Milestone of Life in 18ct brushed yellow gold – 605 Euros.
South Sea Pearl : 9.13 ct – 610 Euros
Pink quartz 9.37 ct – 120 Euros
Aquamarine 10.41 ct – 670 Euros

The WOW series invites you to envision jewellery in daring and unexpected ways. It shows Berquin’s readiness to jump into the creative unknown with chic designs. Ultimately, the WOW series asks you to dream again of what could be possible in jewellery.

WOW Series unique ring in 18ct white gold with 210 diamonds (1.40ct) – 10.800 Euros

Katherine Berquin talks with knowledge and tells fascinating stories about the wonderful world of minerals and gems. Interested in a presentation or themed evening? Or a (made to measure) jewel?

WOW Series Solitair. Unique ring in 18 ct white gold with top quality pearshaped diamond. Loup Clean and D color. 0.68 ct – 10.270 Euros.

Berquin Jewels, Minimenstraat, 8, 1000 Brussel, tel: +32(0)2.513.38.24,,

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