Jowaé: spoil your skin the Korean way

Did you know that the most exhaustive beauty rituals come from Korea? You probably wonder why we start talking about Korea but if you ever have the chance to go over there or meet a Korean woman in person you will immediately understand why we tackle the subject. About all Korean women have an amazing skin, unbelievably flawless and this hasn’t only to do with their genes.

Text Anja Van Der Borght

Korean women’s perfect skin are the result of a unique skin care regimen – mostly ten steps – that works like magic on their skin and makes it smoother, brighter and firmer. So why wouldn’t we try that out? The secret? Be consistent with the skin care routine. Discipline pays!

The ten steps of a Korean skin care routine:
Step 1: Start to clean your skin with an oily cleanser
Step 2: Follow up with a water-based cleanser
Step 3: Exfoliate daily – unless you have sensitive skin than only once a week
Step 4: Tone up
Step 5: Use essence – a Korean special
Step 6: Repair your skin with repairing treatments
Step 7: Pamper with sheet masks
Step 8: Apply eye cream
Step 9: Moisturize
Step 10: Protect your skin with SPF

I hear you thinking… Of course you also want a great skin but ten steps is a whole lot more and a whole lot more expensive than the four to six steps we are used to (cleaning, toning, moisturizing and eyecream and or SPF).

Jowaé, the new brand born from a perfect Franco-Korean phytocosmetics synergy, has thought about all that and is accessible to all women, all skin types, even the most sensitive!

Jowaé, inspired by the Korean word for ‘harmony’, arose from the essential need to restore the vital balance of the skin, which is disturbed by daily irritating factors.

To accommodate Western women, Jowaé reduced the long and sophisticated Korean beauty rituals to their essence. The result are 4 ready rituals to cleanse, prepare, activate and correct the skin, based on antioxidant lumifenols – the signature ingredient of Jowaé – and Korean medicinal plants.

The formulas, with on average 93% of natural ingredients and 0% of paraben, phenoxy-ethanol, mineral oil, silicone, synthetic colors or animal ingredients, also adapt perfectly to the most sensitive skins. The textures and fragrances our exactly as the packaging: light and fresh..

Today Jowaé presents three new masks; three concentrated treatments that restore the natural balance of the skin immediately.

Net als de andere Jowaé verzorgingen, zijn deze formules een combinatie van onze Franse knowhow, antioxiderende Lumifenolen, het signatuuringrediënt van Jowaé, en traditionele Koreaanse medicinale planten. Kortom, het beste van de Frans-Koreaanse farmacopee !

The new Jowaé flash masks are the ideal addition to the daily beauty ritual and make the skin beautiful in no time thanks to the hyperactive formulas. They contain up to 98% ingredients of natural origin and respect the natural ecosystem of the skin.

[Antioxidant Lumifenols + water of sakura blossom + soothing complex of sweet almond and linseed]
Hydrates, fills and soothes!

[Antioxidant Lumifenols + sacred Lotus + purifying pure clay, mattifying rice powder]
Purifies and narrows the pores

[Antioxidant Lumifenols + white tea + micro-exfoliating mineral perlite]
Brightens, smoothes and smoothes

Recommended retail prices:
Filling water mask 50ml 12.90 €
Purifying clay mask 50ml 12.90 €
Brightening mineral mask 50ml 15.90 €

Available in your pharmacy, parapharmacy and via

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