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Did you also get disappointed a few times coming back from the barber? Or do you simply prefer to be barber at home? The shaving range from Tabac Original is now complemented by a contemporary Beard Shampoo & Conditioner and Beard Wax. Together with the popular Shaving Cream, After Shave Lotion and Beard and Shaving Oil, they complete the portfolio of Tabac Original Barber Shop at Home. The 4-step shaving ritual is modern, distinctive and masculine – just like the beards it nourishes and styles. 

Quality stays forever! Since its launch in 1959, men have been swearing by Tabac Original – the unique, unmistakable fragrance has been a constant companion of the tradition-conscious fragrance lover for 60 years. Yet the cult brand moves with the times: not least with the Tabac Barber Truck, whose tour of cool locations involves shaves from professional barbers who know every trick in the book and use the 47 different products from Tabac Original with great aplomb. Based on decades of shaving expertise, Tabac Original is once again upgrading its range with contemporary shaving products – for your own Barber Shop at Home. After all, wearing a beard is a statement these days – as is the use of Tabac Original.

The Shaving Ritual
Together, the perfectly coordinated care and fragrance products form a 4-step shaving ritual that becomes the Tabac Original Barber Shop at Home: with Tabac Original Beard Shampoo & Conditioner you can clean and care for facial hair from moustaches to full beards (Pre Shave), while the Shaving Cream allows the blade to glide beautifully during wet shaving (Shave). The Beard and Shaving Oil performs a dual function: it can be massaged into the beard before shaving and prevents irritation with its protective film (Shave). Just like the Shaving Cream, the Shaving Oil is perfect for shaping the contours of the beard, as unlike foam and soap it does not obscure sight of the beard. The nourishing oil remains in the beard after shaving and gives it a smooth shine (Styling). The After Shave Lotion is a cult product, and has been one of the most popular products of its kind (After Shave) for 60 years. The Beard Wax gives the finishing touch (Styling).

Pre Shave: Tabac Original Beard Shampoo & Conditioner
Shave: Tabac Original Shaving Cream + Tabac Original Beard and Shaving Oil
After Shave: Tabac Original After Shave Lotion
Styling: Tabac Original Beard Wax + Tabac Original Beard and Shaving Oil

The fragrance of the Tabac Original portfolio
The Tabac Original brand name is based on its distinctive, peppery-spicy composition of its fragrance. However, it has nothing to do with conventional processed tobacco which smells completely different and has never been an ingredient in Tabac Original. Rather, it was the fields of flowering tobacco plants and their aromatic fragrances which served as the inspiration for the brand name. Tabac Original contains a characteristic fougère note with spicy, herbal-aromatic echoes. With precious woods, musk, amber and floral notes, the fragrance of the shaving ritual products underscores your personal charisma.

Top note: Pepper, petitgrain, lemon, bergamot, neroli
Heart notes: Lavender, camomile, geranium, oakwood absolu
Base note: Clove, sandalwood, vetiver, musk, ambergris

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Tabac Original Barber Shop at Home will be available from stores from the middle of July 2019.
For sale at perfumeries, drugstores and department stores.
Beard & Shaving Oil 50ml: 9.50 €
Beard Shampoo & Conditioner 200ml: 7.75 €
Beard Wax: 7.75 €
Shaving Cream 100ml: 8.25 €

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