Klapp Advent calendar : a highlight behind each door!

Counting down to Christmas never looked so fabulous and will make you look fabulous with the Klapp Advent calendar 2020. Offer yourself or your loved ones a top-class beauty moment with this luxury skin care for radiant skin.

Instead of buying a typical chocolate advent calendar to kick off the upcoming holiday season, why not spoil your skin and experiment with some luxury beauty products? Beauty advent calendars make it easy for you to sample skincare products ranging from serums and creams to make-up, nail polish, bath products, perfumes, hand creams and more all in one easy and fantastic-looking package, a box filled with 24 days of beauty surprises that is the perfect way to countdown to Christmas.

Your personal pre-Christmas deluxe beauty ritual consists of unique skin care moments with 24 highly concentrated, matched active ingredient boosters for a distinctive, irresistible and radiant face. Your skin will look well cared for and relaxed, just in time for the presents and even beyond.

SKIN NATURAL Aloe Vera Power Concentrate 3 x 2 ml Ampoule (Dec. 1st, Dec. 11th, Dec. 16th)
Valuable and highly concentrated active ingredients soothe the skin and supply it with intensive moisture. The Concentrate is ideal for sensitive, dry and sun-damaged skin. The cell renewal process of the skin is supported and the complexion looks revitalized and youthfully fresh, opener for ampoules included.

C PURE Power Concentrate 3 x 2 ml Ampoule (Dec. 3rd, Dec. 13th & Dec. 21st)
The perfect energy boost for tired and dry skin. The result: revitalized, fresh and reinvigorated skin.

A CLASSIC Power Concentrate 3 x 2 ml Ampoule (Dec. 4th, Dec. 12th & Dec. 22nd)
Vitamin A is essential for the skin’s structure and function and has a stimulating effect on aging skin. The success is visible: a fresh and elastic skin.

HYALURONIC Power Concentrate 3 x 2 ml Ampoule (Dec. 5th, Dec. 10th & Dec. 19th)
Hyaluronic acid is the ideal moisture power boost and can supply your skin with the right amount of moisture for many hours. The skin regains its plump and fresh look.

CAVIAR POWER Extrait de Caviar Concentrate 3 x 2 ml Ampoule (Dec. 7th, Dec. 18th & Dec. 23rd)
Valuable active ingredient concentrate, specially developed for skin lacking lipids and sensitive skin. A liposome complex and valuable caviar and oyster extracts activate the cell metabolism. Cell respi- ration is enhanced and the skin’s repair processes are activated.

SKINCONCELLULAR® Energy Concentrate 3 x 2 ml Ampoule (Dec. 2nd., Dec. 9th, Dec. 17th)
Special active ingredient concentrate for the much-needed energy boost before Christmas. Increases the firmness of the tissue structure, the collagen synthesis is stimulated, supports the cell renewal and regeneration process. The skin looks firm and plump. A quick re-energizer for in-between.

SKINCONCELLULAR® Push Up Concentrate 3 x 2 ml Ampoule (Dec. 8th, Dec. 15th & Dec. 20th)
Highly efficient anti-wrinkle concentrate to quickly plump up the skin from within. Special active ingredients penetrate deeply into the skin and stimulate the fibroblasts to form collagen fibers. The skin looks smooth and firm.

STRI PEXAN with RegistrilTM Booster Emulsion 1 x 7.5 ml Tube (Dec. 6th)
The intensive booster for demanding skin does not only contain the anti-wrinkle active ingredient RegistrilTM, but also moisturizing active ingredients. The skin regains its plumped, firm and youthfully beautiful look.

COLLAGEN Booster Emulsion 1 x 5 ml Dispenser (Dec. 14th)
Collagen makes up the supporting structure of the skin. The effective booster strengthens, restruc- tures and protects the collagen fibers in the skin for a youthfully fresh look.

COLLAGEN Eye Care Cream 1 x 7.5 ml Tube (Dec. 24th)
A smooth, rich eye cream with marine collagen and hyaluronic acid for the care of the sensitive eye area. The skin structure of the eye area can be improved and the skin appears firmer and tighter.

Price 59€

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