Girls Can Say Anything according to Zadig & Voltaire

In 2018 Zadig & Voltaire proclaimed that ‘Girls Can Do Anything’ with its sweet fougère that bears the same name. Today, according to the French fashion house ‘Girls Can Say Anything’. Both female fragrances symbolize the release from norms and a new form of free femininity. Exactly what women today are looking for.

Just like ‘Girls Can Do Anything’ the composition of – Girls Can Say Anything – also contains fougère elements but perfumer Quentin Bisch combined them this time with floral notes. Aromas of peony and iris mix with tonka, musk, amber and vanilla to a warm fascinating and complex floral, a ‘floral fougère’.

Though I am a big fan of some other creations of Quentin Bisch like Nomade from Chloé (, this new Girls Can Say Anything is not so much my cup of tea. More specifically, I don’t like notes of iris and vanilla but, hey, it’s a good thing we all like different things if not we would all smell the same.

Zadig & Voltaire ‘Girls Can Say Anything’ Eau de Parfum is available as a 30 ml (55,90 euros), 50 ml (79,90 euros) and 90 ml (104,90 euros) version. For sale @Planetparfum.
RRP: 30 ml (59,50 euros), 50 ml (86 euros) and 90 ml (112 euros).


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