Thank dad with the new Omer ‘Merci’ bottle for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is coming up, and finding a gift for your dad can be hard. You can only buy funny socks so many times. Luckily the makers of Belgian brewery Omer have the perfect solution for you! Their special edition ‘Merci’ beer bottle will guarantee tons of happy fathers next 12th of june. Because Omer is the beer that keeps on giving…

Text Mirte Spaey & Anja Van Der Borght

Omer is a traditional blond beer that has been a favorite of beer lovers for over 130 years now. The world-class beer is known for its full, fruity taste and slightly bitter aftertaste. The beer has won several titles on contests, like “World’s Best Belgian Style Blonde Ale” on the World Beer Awards in 2015. It’s a Belgian beer to be proud of.

As you probably also are proud of your dad, Omer decided to create a Special Edition bottle for Father’s Day. The new bottle contains 75cl of Omer and is decorated with a golden ‘Merci’ to show everyone how thankful you are to your dad. Don’t drink it too eagerly though: the beer has an alcohol percentage of 8%!

The road to this fancy Omer bottle is quite simple. You just have to buy two packs of Omer to receive the bottle for free. But there is more to it than meets the eye. There’s a tag attached to the bottle with an even bigger surprise: a free ticket worth 15 euros to enter the Omer brewery in Bellegem. Take your dad on a trip to enjoy the craftmanship of true Belgian beer. Bonding-time guaranteed!

Why Omer is for fathers ?
For five generations (since 1892) father after father Vander Ghinste (owner of the Omer brewery) past down their knowledge to their sons. Fun fact: they also passed down their first name; Omer. So when you go to visit the brewery with your father, try calling out ‘Omer’ and see who turns his head or appears from behind the barrels!

Advised price for 2 packs* of Omer: 12,38€
*Depending on the retailer, a pack can consist of 4 or 6 bottles of 33cl

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