Juliette has a gun’s Magnolia Bliss evokes summer holidays

The removal of many Covid travel restrictions has made everyone that little bit more excited about going on a summer holiday. But why not make every day feel like a summer vacation? Because you can with French brand Juliette has a gun’s newest eau de parfum Magnolia Bliss.

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The magnolia is the native flower of both China and Japan, and grows there in forests and next to rivers. Because of Covid we can’t physically travel to those countries yet, but Juliette has a gun’s new eau de parfum Magnolia Bliss lets you travel there mentally instead.

Juliette has a gun’s newest eau de parfum Magnolia Bliss imagined and created by perfumer Romano Ricci, great grandson of Nina Ricci, smells like a summer sunset in a bottle.

The outside of the bottle perfectly reflects the inside. The bottle is coloured like a beautiful summer sunset, and that’s exactly what the perfume smells like too. The refreshing and peaceful floral composition makes you feel like you’re standing in a flower field full of white to pink magnolia’s on a hot summer evening.

Perfumer Romano Ricci chose bergamot essence and citrus fruit that adds a sharp edge to the perfume as top notes for this heavenly scent. Magnolia essence and mirabelle plum in the heart add sweetness and nature to the scent while the base notes of Magnolia Bliss musk and ambraxan combined give off a sensual and animalistic smell. Hot like a great hot summer’s night.

Magnolia Bliss breathes flower power, so it will suit anyone with an inner hippie. The brand is named after a reinterpretation of Shakespeare’s Juliette. Juliette of Juliette has a gun is a contradictio in terminis. Sometimes she feels boyish, sometimes she feels feminine. One day she behaves angelic, the next she behaves like a rebel. But above all she is a free spirit.

Advised price:
90 euros/50 ml, 120 euros/100ml

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