Explore the WOW Top 3 Gins and Gin Cocktails

Join us in discovering our WOW top 3 gins for Summer ’23, along with some delectable gin-based cocktail recipes.

1. Roku gin
2. De Lijn Gin by Holland America Line
3. No.3 London Dry Gin

Holland America Line debuts a new gin to celebrate it’s 150-year anniversary. Affectionately named De Lijn in a nod to Holland America Line’s roots, the bottle is adorned with a label boasting the name in Dutch orange, accented with line drawings of brilliant blue juniper berries in a style the cruise line has coined as Modern Delft, an homage to iconic blue and white of Dutch Delftware.

De Lijn Gin
For its 150th anniversary the cruise company Holland America Line introduced the exceptional De Lijn Gin, a masterpiece meticulously crafted in America exclusively for the renowned Holland America Line.

Embarking on a journey with the Holland America Line has always promised an unforgettable experience, and now, they’ve taken this commitment a step further with their very own signature gin named ‘De Lijn’ in a nod to Holland America Line’s roots. The bottle is adorned with a label boasting the name in Dutch orange, accented with line drawings of brilliant blue juniper berries in a style the cruise line has coined as Modern Delft. De Lijn Gin is a testament to the dedication and attention to detail that defines the Holland America Line’s legacy of excellence.

Inspired by the elegance of maritime travel, “De Lijn Gin” encapsulates the spirit of adventure, luxury, and exploration that the Holland America Line is known for. Just like the graceful ships that traverse the seas, this gin is a harmonious blend of carefully selected botanicals that create a symphony of flavors, reminiscent of the diverse destinations visited by the Line’s voyages. Immerse yourself in the delicate notes of Dutch-inspired botanicals such as orange, floral undertones of rose, elderberry, lemon verbena, raspberry, and a touch of spice with juniper.

Each botanical is cold distilled separately for distinct and consistent flavors. The result is a premium gin with a bright and floral flavor. Great as gin and tonic but also for mixing in cocktails. Every sip takes you on a voyage of the senses, inviting you to uncover the depth and character that make this gin truly exceptional. De Lijn Gin is more than a beverage—it’s Holland America Line’s first produced spirit. A testament to the artistry and dedication that go into curating unforgettable travel experiences. De Lijn is now available in all bars and lounges form the company as a gin of choice. Bottles are available for purchase in cruise ship shops, so you can take a bottle home to extend that holiday feel.

No.3 London Dry Gin: Winner of the World’s Best Gin four times and first ever gin to win the Supreme Champion Spirit

Perfection is found in the details of the details. No. 3 gin is on a quest for absolute perfection. For 300 years, this gin brand has blended passion with perfection and determination, earning the title of ‘World’s Best Gin’ on four occasions.

In the heart of London’s historical St James’s Street No.3, a captivating tale of craftsmanship and tradition unfolds. Nestled within this iconic address is Berry Bros. & Rudd, a revered name in the realm of wines and spirits for over three centuries. It is from this venerable establishment that No.3 London Dry Gin emerges, a libation that pays homage to its heritage while delighting modern palates.

With a legacy dating back to 1698, Berry Bros. & Rudd has stood as a guardian of quality libations through the ages. Their commitment to curating the finest wines and spirits has led to the creation of No.3 London Dry Gin, a testament to their unwavering dedication to excellence. No.3 London Dry Gin is a refined spirit, distilled to an exclusive recipe developed by the artisans at Berry Bros. & Rudd. Crafted with a meticulous selection of only natural botanicals, it holds an unmistakable essence of juniper berries, the backbone of any true gin. However, No.3 goes beyond convention by seamlessly blending in the vibrant zest of citrus fruits and an artful infusion of harmonious herbs.

The three ingredients:
Juniper berry: the heart that gives No.3 its unmistakable flavor.
Refreshing citrus: sweet orange peel for freshness and grapefruit peel for an extra kick.
Gentle spices: cardamom pods for a spicy bite, coriander seeds for a lemony

A Symbolic Address
The appellation “No.3” holds more than just a numerical significance. It points directly to the storied location of Berry Bros. & Rudd, at St James’s Street, London. For over three centuries, this address has been an emblem of heritage, knowledge, and refinement. It’s a place where traditions have been nurtured, and where innovations have found their roots.

A Perfect Canvas for the Classic Dry Martini
With its alcohol content resting at a balanced 46%, No.3 London Dry Gin presents itself as an impeccable foundation for crafting the quintessential Dry Martini Classic. The harmonious interplay of botanicals and the precise alcohol concentration create a symphony of flavors that effortlessly marries with vermouth, embodying the timeless elegance of this iconic cocktail.

Elevating the Craft of Gin
No.3 London Dry Gin is not merely a spirit; it’s a testament to the artistry that goes into distillation. It’s a living testament to the rich history and expertise cultivated over generations by Berry Bros. & Rudd. With every sip of No.3, one is transported through time, embracing the past while indulging in a spirit that remains relevant and enticing in the contemporary world.

With its juniper-forward flavor profile, No.3 Gin is the perfect choice for classic cocktails and mixed drinks.

For the party animal: No.3 Clover Club

A velvety smooth and sweet, fruity and full of life cocktail for those who know how to throw a party.

45 ml No.3 London Dry Gin
15 ml dry Vermouth
20 ml lemon juice
15 ml simple syrup
25 ml egg white
4 fresh raspberries
Shake all ingredients without ice, add ice and shake again. Pour into a chilled coupe glass. Garnish with fresh raspberries.

For the faithful one: No.3 & tonic: “Life has no gin without tonic.”

With this fresh take on the classic, you can’t go wrong: faithful, simple, but never fails to impress. Balanced taste and finish, and powerful aromas of rosemary and pink grapefruit make the ideal introduction to a burst of citrus and gentle spices.

50 ml No.3 London Dry Gin
150 ml tonic
Pink grapefruit
Sprig of rosemary
Finish with ice and garnish with rosemary and a slice of pink grapefruit.

For the stylish one: No.3 Rosé Martini
Shaken, not stirred, but with a twist. The Rosé Martini has the elegance of the classic, but is refined with richness and a touch of rose vermouth for that extra ‘je ne sais quoi’ element.

60 ml No.3 London Dry Gin
20 ml Lustau Rosé vermouth
1 pink grapefruit
Stir all ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled coupe glass. ​Garnish with a twist of pink grapefruit.”

Roku Gin: a Symphony of Six Distinct Japanese Botanicals

Roku Gin remains one of our cherished favorites. Crafted with a symphony of six distinct Japanese botanicals — Yuzu, Sakura blossom, Sakura leaf, Sansho pepper, Sencha tea (green tea), and Gyokuro tea (refined green tea) — it takes you on an exquisite journey through all four seasons.

The term “Roku” translates to “six” in Japanese, and each hexagonal bottle of Roku Gin contains these six exceptional Japanese botanicals: Yuzu, Sakura blossom, Sakura leaf, Sansho pepper, Sencha tea (green tea), and Gyokuro tea (refined green tea). These botanicals reflect Roku’s unwavering commitment to utilizing only the finest ingredients, sourced from the prime regions of Japan and harvested at the pinnacle of their respective seasons to extract the utmost flavor. In addition, eight traditional botanicals, including juniper berries, coriander, angelica seed and root, cinnamon, cardamom, bitter orange, and lemon peel, are added to ensure an authentic gin experience.

Every facet of Roku Gin is deeply entrenched in Japanese craftsmanship and centuries-old traditions. The parent company, Suntory, boasts a rich legacy of gin production in Japan. Drawing upon this expertise, Roku has developed a unique and meticulous multiple distillation process that optimizes the potential of each individual botanical, resulting in an unparalleled gin. Upon nosing the gin, delicate notes of cherry blossom and tea tantalize your senses. On the palate, the essence of cherry blossom resurfaces, intermingling harmoniously with juniper berries and green tea.

Now, let’s delve into the art of preparing the signature Roku serve:

  • Begin by filling a tall glass with ice.
  • Pour 5 cl of Roku Gin and then add 15 cl of tonic.
  • Give it a quick stir and garnish with ginger. Freshly cut, slender ginger sticks are preferred, but dried ginger will also suffice.
  • Given the unique aromatic and floral profile of this gin, we recommend pairing it with a neutral and slightly bitter tonic. This combination accentuates the exquisite aromas and flavors of the gin. For my personal rendition of the “Perfect Serve,” I’ve opted for Fever-Tree Mediterranean tonic, known for its subtle nature that complements the gin beautifully.

Discover this vintage classic that takes on a whole new dimension with the distinctive character of Roku. An evergreen choice for everyone as it’s easy to customize to your own taste! Preferably made in a shaker, but stirring works too.

  • Fill a Boston shaker with ice cubes.
  • Add 6 cl of Roku gin.
  • Add 3 cl of lime juice.
  • Add 3 cl of simple syrup.
  • Shake vigorously.
  • Strain the cocktail into a pre-chilled coupette glass.
  • For an extra touch of color, you can add apple blossom for garnish.
  • The ingredient ratios can be adjusted to your own taste.

Rolu Gin & Tonic
A Japanese Gin & Tonic is served with ginger, which complements the distinct Yuzu and Sakura top notes. The ritual also requires the guest to add their own gin.

Cut the ginger into long, equal strips.

  • Fill a long drink glass to the brim with ice and add the ginger.
  • Pour tonic over the ice and add a stirring stick.
  • Pour 5 cl of Roku gin into a measuring cup.
  • Allow your guests to add their own gin.
  • For an extra touch of Japan, you can also add a shiso leaf for garnish.

The classic Negroni, but with a touch of Japan in the glass.

Fill a tumbler glass with ice.
Add 3 cl of Roku gin.
Add 3 cl of Campari.
Add 3 cl of sweet red vermouth.
Finish with a few orange zest twists.”

Roku Gin can be yours at a suggested retail price of €30.90. You can find it conveniently at supermarkets and specialized drinks stores.

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