A richer life with scents from A-E Fragrancy

Scents are very powerful: they can remind you of a certain person or memory. So be picky with the fragrances you use. Belgian beautician Charlotte Taddeo created with her brand A-E Fragrancy luxury fragrances that will make every room smell like heaven. Ready to enrich your life ?

Text Mirte Spaey – Pictures Anja Van Der Borght

For some time Belgian beautician Charlotte Taddeo was looking for scents for every season to enhance the daily atmosphere of her beauty institute Apparences Esthetique (A-E) in Evere. She tried out many well-known brands, but was disappointed every time: the scents were either too strong or too faint. She decided to create her own brand A-E Fragrancy with scents that wouldn’t disappoint anyone. She says: “The delicate perfumes will make you travel all around the world and through your mind.”

Flowery, fruity and more
To start with Charlotte invented six unique fragrances. Three of them smell like flowers: Cotton Flower, Jasmine, and Tiare-Monoi. Two smell fruity: Orange Cinnamon and Raspberry Caramel. Last, but definitely not least, the Gingerbread candle smells so much like the real deal that guests will think you just baked some fresh gingerbread. But of course as Charlotte is a creative busy bee with a nose for good affairs, other fragrances will be introduced shortly.

6 scents in 3 ways
You can buy the six scents in three different forms. Firstly, you can buy them as a candle. Candles are perfect for adding a bit of coziness to every room. The wicks are cotton or wooden to avoid any toxic, black smoke. Plus, the wooden wicks crackle cosily while they burn. The candles are made out of glass and are decorated with a simple but classy white label.
Secondly, you can buy a scent as a diffuser: perfect to place in your home or business. You only have to place the rattan sticks in the glass bottle and wait for the scent to diffuse on its own.
Thirdly, the scents also come as a vaporizer. This shape is perfect for anyone that wants to spray the scent somewhere specific, such as on a blanket/in your car/on your sheets… Literally on anything you want to smell amazing!

Kind to nature
A-E Fragrancy has a refill option for the diffusers, so the bottles don’t go to waste. Moreover, their products are completely vegan!

Stay tuned!
Charlotte let us know that her newest scent will be called ‘Rose de Damas Safran’, which we will be reviewing very soon. So stay tunes.

The prices:
– Candles 220g € 29,90
– Candles 180g wooden wick €34,00
– Diffusers 250ml €28,00
– Refill Diffuser € 22,00
– Vaporizers 100ml €15,00

If you’re curious about Charlotte’s luxury fragrances, visit her Instagram page @a_e_fragrancy
Or her beauty institute: Apparences Esthetiques, 1180 Chaussée de Haecht, 1140 Brussels (Evere).

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