Stay fresh with the deodorant cream from Self

Everybody loves the summer, but nobody likes to sweat. Young Belgian skincare brand Self has got you covered every time you go to a barbecue, pool party or picknick. Their newest natural deodorant cream keeps you smelling like eucalyptus the entire day. The best part of it? It is suited for people with a sensitive skin.

Text and pictures Mirte Spaey & Anja Van Der Borght

Belgian enterpreneur Isabelle Ulenaers was tired of all the disappointments her daughter had experienced with skincare products because of her sensitive skin. She took matter into her own hands and created a skincare line of her own, with a focus on natural ingredients. She decided to name the brand Self, because: ‘The most important thing is always to be yourself.’

Deodorants heavy on chemicals often make you sweat more. That’s why Self‘s All-Day Freshness Deodorant Cream focusses on naturel ingredients.

Isabelle Ulenaers, Founder of Self

3 in 1
Firstly, apart from making you smell fresh, the cream also makes you sweat less because of the sage in it. Deodorants heavy on chemicals, on the other hand, often make you sweat more. That’s because alcohol, for example, makes your skin dry. So your body tries to restore the imbalance by creating more fluids (sweat). And then you grab your deodorant again and you’re trapped in that vicious circle. Obviously, that’s not the goal.
Secondly, the cream renews damaged skin. The soy oil and bisabolol calm and restore the skin, whereas more artificial products can damage your skin.

Eucalyptus instead of perfume
Many deodorants contain perfumes to mask odors, but those artificial fragrances are hurtful for your skin. It’s better to buy a product that’s more natural. The eucalyptus oil in the deodorant cream is completely natural and smells just as fresh.

This deodorant cream can be applied straight after shaving without irritating your skin.

Good for you, good for the planet
We have all made the mistake of shaving our armpits and spraying deodorant on it straight after. Not a nice expercience. This deodorant cream, however, can be applied straight after shaving without irritating your skin. That’s possible because there are no hurtful chemicals like alcohol in it. Another reason for you to choose this cream over a regular spray, is the eco-friendliness of creams. The propellents in a lot of sprays are detrimental to the planet. Moreover, the cream is vegan! So you can be sure no animals were harmed in the production process.

Our experience
We found it a bit strange to apply a deo cream instead of a roller, stick or spray to our armpits and didn’t like the idea of using the spatula straight to our armpits for comfort and hygienic reasons. That’s why we used the spatula to take the cream from the jar, put in on our fingers and then apllied it to our armpits. The temperature of our hands made this very easy. After washing our hands, we were ready to go. A few minutes later we experienced some tingling feeling in the armpits but this lasted only a minute.
The scent of eucalyptus is quite modest. During the day we only smelled it once in a while particularly when it was very hot. But we never experienced it as disturbing. Moreover the deo cream is longlasting, for 48 hours in day temperatures of above 23°C we didn’t smell anything but freshness but then the cream deo seemed to have done its work.
A real must-try even if you don’t have a sensitive skin.

Recommended sales price: 35,50 Euros for 50 ml.

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