Bulgari’s Goldea The Roman Night: the eternal city in a bottle

Bulgari’s newest Goldea The Roman Night is a contemporary fragrance, both appealing and intriguing. A sensual Eau de Parfum that pays tribute to the fascinating, Eternal City of Rome at night. A mysterious yet not mystical fragrance with mesmerizing black musks and tantalizing nocturnal flowers. This floral musky chypre fragrance is a charismatic, fascinating and seductive parfum that unleashes your irresistible aura.
Text Anja Van Der Borght

The top notes are ruity, sparkling, addictive with luscious mulberry, black peony and the delectable flavor of luscious ripe berries with an unexpected floral energy.

In the heart notes: floral, spicy, mysterious blooming jasmine and tuberose absolute give the fragrance its nocturnal touch while blossoms add their radiance to the hypnotic character of the fragrance.

In the base enveloping, luminous, woody and sensual notes as black musk, patchouli heart and vetiver. Musk cloaked in black textured wood adds feminine and strength.

HyperFocal: 0

For which type of women? The ones that like floral and fruity fragrances with a hypnotic and mysterious aspect. For mysterious girls with a sensual touch.

Goldea The Roman Night Eau de Parfum 30ml € 60,-
Goldea The Roman Night Eau de Parfum 50ml € 90,-
Goldea The Roman Night Eau de Parfum 100ml € 108,-

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