Silky hair with Schwarzkopf’s Gliss Kur Hair Repair

When life gets busy, hair gets dull. But that’s about to change, because Schwarzkopf’s new Gliss Kur Hair Repair treatments only take seven seconds to work their magic! The German brand designed three formulas for three types of hair: dull hair, colored hair and heavily damaged hair.

Text Anja Van Der Borght & Mirte Spaey

When you just want to take a quick shower, a hairmask or treatment that takes at least 5 minutes to work doesn’t sound that appealing. But seven seconds, that sounds manageable. Even better, that sounds perfect!

3 formulas for different hair types
Because not everyone’s hair has the same needs, Schwarzkopf developed three formulas. The pink bottle is a color perfector for people with colored hair or highlights. It contains hyaluron complex and cranberry essence to boost the color intensity of dyed hair. The yellow bottle is an oil nutritive with oleic acid and Marula oil. It makes long and dry hair silky soft again. The black bottle is the ultimate repair formula, for people with heavily damaged hair. It contains keratine and pearl serum. This formula was specially created to reduce hair breakage while brushing.

Picture Mirte Spaey

“Massage it into your hair for seven seconds, then rinse it thoroughly. You will feel the difference straight away.”

How to use?
First, you just wash your hair with shampoo like you do otherwise. Then you take some of the Gliss Kur and spread it evenly across the length of your hair. Massage it into your hair for seven seconds, then rinse it thoroughly. To finish, you can use your conditioner. You can use the treatment two to three times a week.


“It works from the first time you use it.”

Anja Van Der Borght

Our experience
We tried out the the oil nutritive and the ultimate repair formula. Both treatments left our hair feeling softer than it had ever felt before. It works from the first time you use it. We would definitely recommend this product. Moreover if you have hair that is difficult to comb during or after washing you won’t have this problem any longer when using Gliss Kur Hair Repair treatments.

Why Schwarzkopf?
German brand Schwarzkopf has nearly a century of experience in the haircare sector. In 1903, Berlin pharmacist Hans Schwarzkopf developed his first hair product. Since then, the brand became more and more popular and now its products are sold in about eighty countries.

Advised price: 7,99 euros/200ml
Available at Schwarzkopf and partner stores.

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