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Tired of applying five different layers of skincare products in a specific order? We have good news for you: Drunk Elephant’s skincare products are finally for sale in Belgium! The people of Drunk Elephant believe that smoothies are not just for foods, but also for skincare products.

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This June, the products of Drunk Elephant were finally released in Belgium. The American brand was already very popular in America, and now you can get them as well in Belgian ICI Paris XL stores. Their famous skincare smoothies are revolutionary.

Drunk Elephant’s story
American Founder Tiffany Masterson was not happy with her skin: her T-zone was greasy, she got pimples, her skin seemed dull… Since she didn’t found any good products without ingredients that harmed her skin, she decided to create her own. Tiffany was researching skincare ingredients, when she stumbled upon Marula oil. It’s an oil made from the juice of the marula fruit that grows on trees in Africa. According to a myth, elephants eat the marula fruit and get drunk on them. That’s why the Marula tree is also called the ‘elephant tree’. Even though that’s just a myth, Tiffany loved the idea of drunk elephants and named her brand after it. A funny name for a serious brand.

With Drunk Elephant, you can just mix all the products your skin needs and apply them all to your face at once.

Skincare smoothies
Just like you often change up the ingredients in a smoothie, you can now also mix different skincare products according to the needs of your skin on that particular moment. That’s what sets apart Drunk Elephant from other skincare brands, where you add a product and have to let it set before you add the next product, and the next… With Drunk Elephant, you can just mix all the products your skin needs and apply them all to your face at once. Not entirely sure what your skin needs? We’ll recommend a smoothie for you that you can’t go wrong with.

Beach your heart out smoothie
This is thé skincare smoothie recommendation for the summer. First, push on top of the the Lala Retro Whipped Cream until you get one pump inside the little dish on top of the product. This cream with a thick, creamy texture like whipped cream, protects your skin from everyday stress factors as it replenishes, strengthens and slows down the aging process of your skin. Next, add the D-Bronzi Anti-Pollution Sunshine Drops in the little dish. These oily drops fortify your skin and give it a beautiful golden glow. Add one pump for a more subtle glow or more if you want to look extra tanned. Lastly add a pump of the O-Bloos Rosi Drops into the dish. These peachy drops add some warmth to the mix. Or you can use them separately as blush on your cheeks or on your lips. The perfect holiday look!
PS, these products are almost completely odorless, so you can still wear your favorite perfume with these products.

They only use ingredients that are biocompatible with your skin.

For sensitive skin
Drunk Elephant excludes 6 harmful ingredients from all their products: essential oils, silicons, synthetic sun filters, sodium lauryl sulfate, artificial scents and colors and alcohol that dries out the skin. Those ingredients can harm your skin, and that’s the opposite of what Drunk Elephant wants for you. Instead, they only use ingredients that are biocompatible with your skin.

Advised prices:
Lala Retro Whipped Cream: 57 euros/50 ml
D-Bronzi Anti-Pollution Sunshine Drops: 33 euros/30 ml
O-Bloos Rosi Drops: 34 euros/30 ml

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