Experience the complete Babor range in the new Brussels flagship store

From now on you can indulge yourself with the amazing products of the prestigious German cosmetic brand Babor in a huge flagship store in Brussels. Amidst the bubbly multicultural restaurants and hip boutiques of the Antoine Dansaertstraat, a 100 square metre Babor flagship store opened during the lockdown period. Babor is very proud of it and those who stop by will understand why.

Text Anja Van Der Borght

From a distance, only a small sign with the inscription ‘Babor’ indicates where the new Babor flagship store is located. But when we approach the charming mansion, we cannot look past the richly flowered bicycle and the majestic display window. Three metre-high ampoules in rose gold, yellow gold and platinum inspired by the Babor ‘Precious Collection’ beckon us. When we open the door, we are immediately plunged into a real Babor valhalla with wall-high Babor advertisements, a video wall and numerous attractive Babor decorations. In the cosy setting, harmonious curved tables, mirrors and lighting alternate with the pure black and white design. The wooden plank floor, marble, brass and gold accents, old pink velour armchairs and boudoir-style curtains add to the cosiness.

Full range
Here in the flagship store, people can discover the entire Babor range of products, and that is rather unique in Belgium as only few beauticians offer the complete range. What’s also unique is that you can try out the fantastic products of Babor at the ‘Experience table’. If you want a good overview of what Babor has to offer, just look at the wall and you will find all the products nicely divided according to their function or characteristics: “Cleansing”, “Face”, “We love”, “New, new, new”, “Body” and “Men”.

When you hear ‘Babor’, you immediately think of their legendary highly efficient ampoules.

Anja Van Der Borght

Natural and vegan
When you hear ‘Babor’, you immediately think of the legendary ampoules. These were given a prominent place in a real ampoule bar against the wall. “Our ampoules today are for 97 percent natural and completely vegan”, says Lucile Fol, Manager Babor Flagshipstore Brussels. “The packing is no longer under plastic blister and even the opener of the glass ampoules is from recycled plastic. Moreover our Ampoule subscription formula is very popular today. For a specific amount per month, the client receives five boxex with each 7 ampoules according to the needs of the skin. After one month we do again a skin analasys and if necessary we adapt the combination of ampoules.”

Le moment suprême
We do not know where to look first and feel like a child in a candy store. A little later, we take up the stairs to a beauty bar on the mezzanine floor, where customers can give their make-up a touch up after their treatment or try out something from the Babor make-up range. Up another flight of stairs, we find ourselves in our treatment room (one of the three) of the day. Each treatment room is very good isolated so that you can enjoy your desired treatment in peace.
Every Babor treatment starts with a welcome treatment including an extensive skin analysis with a device that magnifies your skin 80 times and gives the beautician a clear impression of your precise skin needs in order to compose a tailor-made treatment. The result is an exceptional beauty experience that combines the most effective ingredients with ultimate pampering to bring your skin back into balance.

The make-up corner on the on the mezzanine floor.

Signature treatment?
Babor distinguishes itself from other brands by its rituals. “During an anti-aging facial, we don’t just apply a cream or product to the face but we also peel and massage the arms entirely,” says Lucile Fol, Manager Babor Flagshipstore Brussels. “In the Reversive treatment, for example, we work with crystals during the massage, in the Seacreation (our signature treatment) we use ice, and in the HSR we work on certain muscles in the face by means of a kind of face yoga at the very beginning of the treatment. For care, we also use the famous Babor ampoules, which we apply by means of a beauty wave – a form of relaxing pressure point massage. The Babor flagship store also offers treatments with equipment such as microdermabrasion, microneedling and recently with the Babor Skin Fusor. This high-tech device with four heads unites four professional techniques. It cleanses, refines, hydrates and transports active ingredients to the skin with immediate results. The complete treatment lasts 135 minutes, but the device can also be used, for example, for peeling during regular classic skin care. Our strength is that we are a combination of an institute and a shop – the only one in Belgium, by the way – that offers the entire range of Babor products and treatments (with the exception of spa treatments). Those who wish can also just drop in for a skin analysis (€49).”

Crash treatment
The flagship store is situated at the perfect location for a quick treatment during lunch break. During the Crash treatment we tested (40 minutes) our face got cleansed, peeled with a grain peeling based on apricot kernels and drenched in Hydration Ampoules. Lucile applied ampoule after ampoule on our face until our skin didn’t absorb the liquid anymore. Three days after the treatment my nail technician asked me if I had done something to my face because “I had such a glow and my skin looked tighter”. I was flattered and suprised! That could only be the result from the Babor treament as it was the only beauty treatment I tested the two weeks before including the application of three Hydration Babor ampoules at home. It motivated me to test all the ampoules! Because it’s not as if my nail technician is full of compliments…

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