Get lost in Dior’s new Parisian boutique 30 Montaigne

Dior’s new boutique 30 Montaigne in Paris is the place to be for Dior lovers. You can discover all the collections of the French luxury brand there, as well as some exclusive creations. Architect Peter Marino and flower artist Azuma Makoto transformed the space into a small piece of paradise.

Photo WOWwatchers
Photo WOWwatchers

As soon as you walk through the door, you discover an enchanting world of beauty and fragrance. The white space with floral accents is so bright that it actually feels like you are in heaven. Japanese artist Azuma Makoto created beautiful flower works and covered the walls in 3D roses. Those floral decorations are a nod to Christian Dior’s love of gardens.

Picture by Alessandro Garofalo

The collections
For fragrances, you’ll find the iconic perfumes Miss Dior and J’adore and the fragrances of La Collection Privée. Make-up-wise, the boutique offers the Dior Forever line and for skincare, the Capture Totale and Dior Prestige collections. In short: all of Dior’s greatest creations.

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The Miss Dior perfume smells like the centifolia rose, with hints of pepper and honey.

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J’adore Miss Dior
In a beautiful pink display case decorated with flowers, the Miss Dior eau de parfum proudly presents itself. Only 100 of such perfume trunks were made, in line with Dior’s couture spirit. The Miss Dior perfume smells like the centifolia rose, with hints of pepper and honey. Dior’s other iconic perfume J’adore also stands out with its brand new flask. Artist India Mahdavi was asked to give the bottle a makeover, and she did not disappoint. The fragrance that smells like Grass tuberose looks better than ever with the hand-painted golden wire that encircles the bottle all the way up to the top. Those bottles are also a limited edition, as only 1.000 were made.

Find your Dior scent
In a special perfume trunk, all of Dior’s iconic scents are displayed to try out. That way, you can compare the fragrances and find out what your favorite Dior scent is.

Picture by Adrien Dirand.

You learn more about the products during a relaxing break.

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Beauty salon
In the private cozy beauty salon, you can try out Dior’s skincare and make-up products. Experience the brand’s signature skincare products through treatments by experts. They offer micro-peelings, sculpting massages and face masks. Make-up artists complete your transformation with Dior’s most exclusive make-up products. You learn more about the products during a relaxing break. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect way to get rid of everyday stress?

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For more info about Dior 30 Av. Montaigne, 75008 Paris, France, visit

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