Monkey 47 Experimentum Series: heavenly tasting mussels in a gin bottle

Mussels and gin… It sounds like an unusual combination… and at first sight it is… but not if you ask the founder of the Schwarzwald Dry Gin gin brand Monkey 47. Alexander Stein is a real epicurian that loves to dine in Belgian restaurants. For the second batch of Experimentum Series he got inspired by the culinary variety of Brussels and he combined the 47 ingredients of the classic Monkey 47 gin with the blue mussel (Belgiums national symbol), top-fermented Belgian beer and chocolate pepper notably a variety of Piper longum.

Text Anja Van Der Borght – Foto’s Monkey 47 and WOWwatchers

What is the Monkey 47 Experimentum Series ?
The Monkey 47 Experimentum Series are one of a kind experimental spirit blends based on Monkey 47 originated in the Monkey 47 Booze Lab. Limited to 500 bottles each.

What is the Monkey 47 Booze Lab?
The art of distillation goes had in hand with chasing aromas and rendering them in liquid form. Meanwhile, the world of spirits is divided into categories rather than sensory components and the possibilities associated with them. But why do distillates and spirits have to fit into a particular category? What’s wrong with forging down other paths, challenging current technologies and traditions, and contemplating the world of aromas from another perspective? To answer these specific questions, Monkey 47 has expanded its facilities to include the Monkey 47 Booze Lab.
The Purpose of the Booze Lab is to push the envelope of what’s possible in sensory terms by continuing to explore diverse aromas and ways to capture them in alcohol with alternative distillation and culinary techniques. Several times a year, Monkey 47 will be bringing to market some of these experiments in extraordinary ‘spirit blends’ based on Monkey 47. These editions called ‘Experimentum Series’ will be limited to no more than 500 bottles each. These blends will combine cutting-edge vacuum distillation with alternative methods of aroma extraction, making each of them an authentic flavour experience that defies categorisation.


Want to make a cocktail to impress your invitees?
We suggest you to make the Captain Haddock cocktail.

5 cl Monkey 47 Experimentum Series 2y02
2,5 cl Giffard Pamplemousse Rose
1 cl of Yuzu vinegar
2 dash of angostura bitters

Stirr in a mixing glass and strain into a tumbler with a solid, big ice cube. Prepare the tumbler with a ‘crusta’ of salt, licorice and beetroot powder. Garnish with lemon twist and a salicorn.

Captain Haddock is one of the main characters of the iconic Belgian comic “The Adventures of Tintin” and the rough seaman with a preference of drinking whiskey. That is the reason Monkey 47 suggest to serve the cocktail in a tumbler and the liquid is slightly brown and yellow. The salicorn gives a little sea-ish with with the salty notes of the gin. And you know what? This Captain Haddock cocktail based on the new gin was one of the best we ever tasted. Just one disadvantage, the batch is limited to 500 botles only. Priced €124,95 but worth every cent.

Experimentum Series 2y02 is online for sale at

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