Best burgers from Brussels in Green Mango Woluwe-Saint-Lambert

For the past years, the ‘Green Mango: Burgers and juice’ restaurant chain has proved to be very successful. Their burgers and fresh juices make for the perfect combination. That is why Isabelle and her son Thomas Perrichet just opened the first Green Mango Partner restaurant in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert (Brussels). Delicious XXL and other burgers as well as tasty cocktails and mocktails guaranteed!

Text Anja Van Der Borght & Mirte Spaey

Belgian Isabelle Boivin-Perrichet and her son Thomas Perrichet share a passion for food. Thomas completed his studies in Paris and started working for Les Fondus de la raclette there. He wanted to introduce that concept in Brussels, and together with his mom, he did. Their restaurant Fondus de la Raclette today (Place de la Vieille Halle au blé) still is very successful, but after a while the duo was looking for a new challenge. They decided to open up a new restaurant in Brussels: Green Mango Partner, inspired by the Green Mango restaurant chain.

Picture by Anja Van Der Borght – WOWwatchers

“One of the basic concepts of Green Mango is generosity. It is above all a place of sharing where you feel good and where the service is relaxed. For very hungry customers, Green Mango Partner has XXL burgers.”

From left to right: the T-Rex, the Godzilla and the Burj-Kalifa burger. Our favourite the burger with ‘foie gras’ but we still have many to try!

The perfect combo
What’s better than a juicy, flavorful burger of good quality? A fresh fruity drink to go along with it. Thomas followed a mixology class in Miami, so he knows what he’s doing. Pick a cocktail or mocktail to your liking and pair it with one of the 38+ burgers on the menu. For very hungry customers, Green Mango Partner has XXL burgers like the T-Rex, the Godzilla and the Burj-Kalifa. If you can finish a burger like that, the restaurant immortalizes you with a special ritual. What that exactly is we keep secret.


Especially the fruity juices have a tropical taste that reminds of Thailand’s fresh fruit.

Holiday vibe
Since the two founders of Green Mango opened their first restaurant in Thailand, that holiday vibe translated into all the Green Mango restaurants in Belgium. First of all in their name ‘Green Mango’: Thailand is known for the delicious mangoes that grow there. But it also influenced the menu and the design of the restaurant. Especially the fruity juices have a tropical taste that reminds of Thailand’s fresh fruit. The interior of the restaurants is decorated with green plants and wooden accents, which makes you feel like you’re in the middle of Thailand’s untouched wilderness.

Picture by Anja Van Der Borght – WOWwatchers

Green Mango’s story
On holiday in Thailand, Belgian Anthony suddenly heard the man behind him speak French – his mother language – so he turned around and started talking to him. Anthony told Clément about his experience in the catering industry, and Clément shared his own passion for food. The men decided to open a small restaurant right there in Thailand. But when Anthony’s wife got pregnant, opening a business back home in Brussels seemed more realistic. And so the men opened a restaurant in Vleurgat called ‘Green Mango: Burgers and juice’. Their concept was based on a lack of good burgers and juices and a combination of the two.

Picture by Anja Van Der Borght – WOWwatchers

Combining Ying and Yang with cocktails and mocktails based on fresh juice and fresh fruit with Belgian meat burgers and fresh vegetable sides.

That formula proved to be a great success. They already opened two other Green Mango restaurants: one in Saint Gillis and one in Place Saint Boniface. And now the new Green Mango Partner is here to meet the increasing demand of the public.

Picture by Anja Van Der Borght – WOWwatchers

Green Mango Partner, Chaussée de Roodebeek, 260, 1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert

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