Monkey 47 & WWF

The idea of selling empty bottles is more than a little out there. But that hasn’t halted Monkey 47 to do exactly that for its 10th anniversary in favour of the WWF. The brand as we know it !

The circumstances that gave rise to the idea are at once sad and alarming. In biological terms, we humans are also primates – but not one of the 283 species that are currently threatened with extinction. Indeed, our kind is part of the cause of their precarious situation. Deforestation and poaching are robbing these primates of their habitat and decimating their numbers. It is so sad but true.

Meanwhile, a saying round here goes that every bottle winds up empty at some point; so, the team behind Monkey 47 thought, why not sell them that way for a good cause ? A rather unconventional idea was born!

For a short time, the well known Monkey 47 monkey will be offering his rightful place on the Monkey 47 bottle to six of his threatened fellow primates. These six different editions will stay unfilled and as such make up for a nice collector’s item.

To mark its first 10 years in business, Monkey 47 gives a donation to the World Wide Fund or Nature which will put the money to good use in its primate protection projects around the world. You also can support this initiative and the WWF by buying an empty bottle. The gin you have to buy in other bottles. It takes a brave soul to forgo one’s favourite gin !

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