Most expensive gin bottle ever created by Belgian jewelry designer Jochen Leën

The Dutch gin label Skully Gin approached 13 international artists to design as much unique bottles of gin. The result of this collaboration was revealed last weekend during an exclusive presentation of the ‘Skully Art Collection’ in the superior Philips Estate in Eindhoven. One of the artists is the Belgian jewelry designer Jochen Leën, who set a world record together with Skully Gin revealing ‘s worlds most expensive gin bottle ever.

Skully Gin is a brand that likes thinking out of the box. They regularly organize interesting collaborations and numerous crazy events. To end the year in style, the brand just organized its biggest festival to date: the presentation of the Skully Art Collection. For this event Skully Gin asked 13 international artists to design a bottle. The artists were free to integrate their creativity and identity into the bottle of gin, and the result is an artistic mix of admirable objects. All bottles have the same shape and size, but each bottle has its own soul.

Each bottle is numbered, and therefore particularly exclusive. For most artists a limited edition of maximum 13 bottles was created – except for the creation of Jochen Leën. The Belgian jewelry designer has designed the showpiece of the group. Leën’s bottle contains a very rare tourmaline gem with a value of no less than 7 digits. This stone of 60+ carats suddenly makes this bottle the most expensive bottle of gin and the most expensive bottle in terms of (non) alcoholic drinks in the world. The bottle in question is a unique piece that just set a world record.

Jochen Leën
The Belgian jewelry designer Jochen Leën was asked by Skully Gin not because he owns the most expensive stones in the world but because he is an expert with a broad knowledge about the subject. Leën is known worldwide for its use of niche gems. His flamboyant jewelry is characterized by its excellent quality and unique settings. Leën started promoting his own collection in 2008, and in less than ten years he launched a jewelry studio in Lanaken, and a gallery in Antwerp and Tucson (USA). In 2013, Leën received a HIB label (Handmade in Belgium), and this year he joined forces with Granada Gallery – a concept that stands for the association of geological relevance in terms of contemporary design objects and modern art.

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