Looking ‘hot right now’ like Rita Ora with Silhouette

Still looking for that perfect pair of glasses for this summer? Silhouette has got your back with some rimless, modern glasses. The ones of the Titan Minimal Art Style Edition musical talent and fashion icon today Rita Ora proudly wears. This and much more.

Text Anja Van Der Borght & Mirte Spaey

A lot of glasses have a very bulky, heavy design that doesn’t complement everyone’s face. Austrian company Silhouette has found a solution with its Titan Minimal Art Style Edition. With a light and modern design, these glasses will suit anyone’s face.

You can look ‘hot right now’ like Rita Ora with the newest Silhouette glasses!

Rita Ora with the limited Futura Dot edition.

Rita Ora-approved
The Kosovar-British pop singer of Hot Right Now, Black Widow and Ritual has teamed up with Silhouette for its newest collections. And Rita Ora does look ‘hot right now’ with the glasses! The world star shows off the new tinted lenses in shade Cosmic Blue on her Instagram. The soft gradient blue lenses look stunning with their round and modern shape.

Rita Ora with her TMA Style Edition favourites.

Rita is known for her powerful voice, but few know of her philanthropic pursuits. In 2019, she even became one of UNICEF UK’s ambassadors. She’s a woman that knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it. Put on your own Silhouette glasses and let yourself be inspired this summer by such a powerful individual and achieve anything you want.

“Super star or not, you can rely on these glasses to take your outfit to the next level!”

Mix & match
Sometimes a simple accessory can really elevate your look. These Style Edition glasses have exactly that effect. Super star or not, you can rely on these glasses to take your outfit to the next level! You can endlessly combine these glasses with your outfits. Combine a colorful outfit with a simple pair of glasses, or wear a more funky pair with a simple outfit like Rita.

Rita Ora with Silhouette with Statement Sunnies.

“Did you know you can virtually try on all the glasses of Silhouette on their website?”

Rita Ora with Silhouette Rimless Shades Fisher Island.

Virtual try-on
Buying glasses without ever having seen them on your face sounds a bit scary. But did you know you can virtually try on all the glasses of Silhouette on their site? Then you can be completely sure the glasses are your cup of tea. First, your face is scanned to determine the placement of your facial features. Then, you can try on the glasses on your computer camera in proportion to your face. Try it over here

Austrian family business
Austrian brand Silhouette is the number one in stunning rimless eyewear. The family company came up with innovative screwless and rimless glasses, called Titan Minimal Art. Its products are a combination of technology and hand-craftmanship: 80% of the build of the glasses is done by hand. The small family business went international, and its eyewear is now available in over 100 countries.
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