Silhouette: The magic of golden eyewear

Gold and precious stones. We like to come back to these materials in times of crisis because they simply retain their value. The Austrian premium glasses manufacturer Silhouette is also responding to this fact with its latest Atelier collection: Titan Meets Sun.

Never just say ‘glasses’ to an object from the Silhouette Atelier collection. After all, these (sun) glasses are real gems – even works of art – which are finely tailored to the wearer’s wishes. Some glasses require as many as 280 production steps, 250 of which are performed manually by the goldsmiths in the Silhouette workshop in Linz, Austria. The passion for masterful craftsmanship displayed by these craftsmen results in unique artifacts with a timeless beauty. Some of the Atelier models are made of 23-carat or 18-carat gold (yellow, white or rosé) which has been polished or brushed by hand, combining the precious metal with exclusive gemstones such as ethical diamond, ruby, blue and pink and cut in cabochon sapphire. One also finds combinations with high-quality woods such as Makassar ebony or sustainably sourced Indian water buffalo horn.

“The golden hour, or the short time span just after sunrise or before sunset when the light is just that little bit more magical, still strongly appeals to the imagination today. Silhouette was inspired by Titan Meets Sun, the latest collection of designer sunglasses in titanium and 18 carat gold.”

As light as a feather
For the brand new ‘Titan Meets Sun’ collection, Silhouette – as the name already suggests – combines 18 carat gold with high-quality titanium. Each pair of glasses in this collection sports Light Management® lenses and therefore offers the very best protection against harmful UV rays and blue light. Silhouette Vision Sensation® is also available as an option for prescription lenses, so that the custom lenses are perfectly matched to your preferred frame. The feather-light sunglasses not only look fashionable, but are also very comfortable. So comfortable that you don’t even notice you’re wearing glasses … we were able to experience it for ourselves.,

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