Flowery Nerolia Vetiver: the newest ode from Guerlain to nature

French beauty brand Guerlain just launched a new fragrance within the Aqua Allegoria line. Nerolia Vetiver is a sweet eau de toilette, perfected by nose Thierry Wasser. The perfume comes in a beautiful eco-friendly flask, as a ‘thank you’ to nature for helping create the fragrances.

Text Anja Van Der Borght & Mirte Spaey

Guerlain’s Aqua Allegoria collection has now for over twenty years been an ode to Mother Nature and her rich resources. Whether the scents are built up around dewy flowers, soft herbs, green leaves or juicy fruits … it doesn’t matter, “Allegoria is an allegory of nature; a jubilant adventure ”, tells Thierry Wasser, member of the fifth generation of Guerlain perfumers. “Allegoria also refers to the Italian word ‘allegra’, which stands for lightness and joie de vivre. Each fragrance in the collection tells you a cheerful story, written with such humor that it puts a smile on everyone’s face. The lively and vibrant collection is composed of ever fleeting but surprising scents and is constantly evolving. Each composition is amusing, light … they are all easy going scents, ideal to give and to share.”

“Guerlain makes your emotions available in spray or splash. The Aqua Allegoria perfumes are fragrance messages in a bottle. ”

Thierry Wasser

In other words, it is a wide collection of scents to suit everyone. “Aqua Allegoria has the versatility and universal spirit of a typical eau fraiche, but the fragrance lingers longer,” says Wasser. “Each fragrance is an interpretation, an inspiration or brainchild, without a priori and without boundaries, inspired by a fleeting but always happy moment. A summer walk through freshly cut grass or the scent of fresh mint tea in Morocco (Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca), a snapshot of a happy moment in the summer while eating a pear sorbet (Aqua Allegoria Pera Granita) or an enticing postcard of a beach on the other side of the world (Aqua Allegoria Coconut Fizz). All such happy moments which result in cheerful perfumes. ” And now the new perfume Nerolia Vetiver is here to evoke the memory of the Ischia landscape by the bay of Naples.

Flowery with a hint of wood
The top notes of Nerolia Vetiver are – unsurprisingly – neroli and vetiver essence. The neroli is a white blossom that grows on the bitter orange tree. Its scent is sweet like honey. Vetiver is a fragrant grass with a woody and smoky smell, which allows the neroli scent to really come through.

The light green perfume bottle is eco-friendly in two ways. Firstly, it is made out of at least 15% recycled glass. Secondly, the flask is refillable and recyclable. The refill option lengthens the lifespan of the flask and the opportunity to recycle ensures that the material doesn’t go to waste. Great for you but good for the planet too.

“The world is my source of raw materials, a limitless playground.”

Thierry Wasser

Travels in a bottle
As always, Thierry Wasser was inspired to these new scentsby his many travels. “I am a perfumer traveler who loves to discover new horizons,” says Wasser. “The world is my source of raw materials, a limitless playground. Australia, Asia, the Caribbean … all moments and encounters can inspire me. My postcard smells are unique creations, the result of an association of ideas. ” Aqua Allegoria symbolizes Wasser’s meticulous search for the best ingredients, it is the fruit of his unbridled imagination and the result of his pursuit of ever more quality. “My guiding principle is having fun,” says Wasser. “Forget the rules and just please yourself.”

Advised prices 90 euros/75ml, 121 euros/125ml

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