Christmas wouldn’t be the same without Molton Brown. Merry Muddlement!

Last evening at Brussels exclusive perfumery ‘Senteurs d’Ailleurs’ Molton Brown presented its new festive range: Muddled Plum. Comforting and warm but also a bit glam.

Text Anja Van Der Borght

The comforting and warm Muddled Plum range contains an Eau de Toilette, Bath & Shower Gel, Body Lotion, a Single Wick Candle a Scented Glitter and of course the traditional shower gel filled Festive Bauble which is great to hang in your X-mas tree. All products have a scent based on saffron, plum and oak-aged rum…. Succulent Victoria plums, homegrown in South-English Sussex, ferment in a honeyed cordial, which trickles into a distillation of rich davana. The final touch to this tantalising concoction is a sprinkling of spicy saffron for a comforting, lingering warmth.

Carla Chabert, Master Perfumer: “Muddled Plum is a celebratory fragrance filled with festive spirit. Rich notes of davana give this scent its signature: playful, yet grown-up. Indulgent liquor-drenched plums, muddled in luxurious spices and dusted in frosted sugar, set the tone in the opening. Oriental accents and opulent white flowers mingle with the rich warmth of sandalwood, leaving a sophisticated yet intoxicating aroma.”

With the Scented Glitter – our favourite product in the range is –  you can brighten up your Christmas tree or Xmas gifts.

Our favourite product in the range is this ‘Muddled Plum Scented Glitter’ which you delicately can sprinkle over gifts, your Xmas tree or table to transform your home into an iridescent winter wonderland. Watch the video Make precious baubles and softly glowing lights even more exciting with a delicate dusting of fragrant shimmers on your Christmas tree.

Eau de Toilette (49 euros), Bath & Shower Gel (27 euros), Body Lotion (32 euros), a Single Wick Candle (55 euros), a Scented Glitter (36 euros) and of course the traditional Festive Bauble (16 euros) great to hang in your Christmas tree.


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