Thierry Mugler Cologne : layer yourself a cologne no one else has

Hearing of ‘cologne’ you probably think of citrus and bergamot notes revealing a zingy, lemony fragrance, but the time we associate cologne with the typical scent of 4711 has long gone by. Today colognes come in all colours and versions. With the range of Thierry Muglers unisex colognes you can layer yourself a signature cologne, no one else has.

In 2001 Thierry Mugler introduced its first cologne ‘Come Together’. A few months ago that same fragrance got relaunched together with four new fragrances. As ‘Come Together’ is a great cologne we never had the feeling of missing out on something but now the new ones are launched, we wonder why it took about twenty years to have them launched.

Thierry Mugler Come Together (green bottle) still smells very much like the original cologne with musk and green petitgrain. You may not know the name petitgrain (prounounce it ‘petty-gran’) but you’ve certainly smelled this key ingredient in fresh fragrances especially colognes. It is made of the leaves and branches of the orange tree and it somewhat combines the sweetness of orange blossom with a fresh, green and slightly bitter touch. Combined with a secret soapy, clean and green S-note the new Come Together really is easy to wear. The combination of white musk with petitgrain is very cool and makes the cologne a real crowd pleaser.

Fly Away (yellow bottle) is all about light and energizing green and citrus notes. It starts with a zingycitrus touch of yellow grapefruit in the top before it reveals an aromatic hemp chord, yeah cannabis, rasta man! Fly Awaycombines in a great way with the original cologne Come Together, but this combination is not our favourite.

Thierry Mugler Cologne Love You All (blue bottle) combines the sensuality of white amber and the velvety smoothness of blue licorice that adds some syropy touch to the scent. It combines in a great way with the original Come Together Cologne, but this combination still not is our favourite so keep on reading.

My less favourite scent in the collection is Thierry Mugler Cologne Run Free (purple bottle). The sharp and spicy scent of purple ginger blends perfectly with the soft woody touch of akigalawoodand Mugler’s secret D-note. But frankly speaking, this one really is not my cup of tea.

Thierry Mugler Cologne Take me out is by far my favourite scent of the collection as I love orange blossom. Luminous and sparkling it combines in a great way with the freshness and minty aspect of shiso leaf. Combine this cologne with the original Come Together Cologne for a heavenly combination.

But maybe you are an experimental and creative kind of person and you like to combine three or four colognes. Please go ahead! Try them all out and let us know your favourite combination.

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