Spiders on your face? Klapp Cosmetics revolutionizes again

Klapp Cosmetics is a real pioneer in the beauty industry and stands for innovative cosmetic treatments ahead of their time. Today the German brand revolutionizes the world of beauty once again as it is ‘s worlds first beauty brand that uses extracts of spider webs in its cosmetics. Of course we had to try this out…

Text Anja Van Der Borght

A beauty treatment which uses spider web extracts… how would that work? Would the eight legged creatures just be put on our face and then be triggered by a specific substance to weave a web on our skin? Or would the extract be integrated in the product itself? Fortunately, the latter option is used; because, honestly, we would rather keep these irritating creatures at arm’s length.

The perfect glow
Today we live in a performance-oriented society where we are always busy, busy, busy”, tells us Micha Soors, Sales Manager Klapp Cosmetics. “When we then have a bit of ‘me-time’, we want to pamper ourselves with something ‘extra’. Of course, looking good is also important. That’s the reason why masks which deliver immediate results and let the skin radiate beautifully are very much in demand. The new and revolutionary ‘Golden Glow Mask’ with spider web extract of Klapp Cosmetics is in tune with this trend. The magic ‘dry’ film mask gives the skin an instant glow effect with is synonymous with a velvety, golden glow. Ideal for a radiant look on parties, events or an important day.”

In practice
The mask is very simple to apply, as we notice during our test at the beauty institute Apparences-Esthétique in Evere.
After a thorough cleansing of our skin with a claning gel and an enzymatic peeling (which acts in 8 minutes while our hands and arms are massaged), we receive a facial massage with the Huile Modelante of Klapp Cosmetics.
Then beauty specialist Charlotte sprays the Magic Solvent – a kind of elixir based on water, zinc, magnesium and calcium – on our skin, and applies the film mask which is made of two horizontal components. Then she applies with a brush the Magic Solvent on the mask. The film mask, which feels like paper when dry, turns in contact with the Magic Solvent into a soft gel and penetrates into the skin structure.
The gold colored gel brings the effective nurturing substances of the spider web into the skin structure. The effect is immediately visible right after the first treatment, which means that the treatment is best done on the day of your important moment or event. The mask also eliminates further the dead skin cells and small durt particles, reduces the pores, minimizes the sebum production and has a lifting effect. Briefly, the skin structure is not only cleaned, but also enhanced and strengthened.

Korean spiders
“We use for this mask non poisonous Korean spiders which produce beautiful spider webs”, Micha Soors continues. “The extract contains not less than eighteen different amino acids which have an immediate effect on elasticity, fatigue and strengthen the skin barrier and skin structure.”
While the mask is put on for thirty minutes, Charlotte is massaging our feet. This is a deliciously relaxing zen moment. When she removes the mask, it sticks on some spots on our skin or hair. This is somewhat less comfortable, but after the treatment our skin feels and looks like a baby skin and radiates beautifully. Truly impressive. The next day, this effect was mostly gone, and therefore it is important that the treatment is done on the day of your big moment.

The treatment takes one hour and sets you back around 75 euro.

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