Dior 5 Couleurs Couture

The iconic 5 Couleurs eyeshadow palette is no more. Dior reinvented it to become 5 Couleurs Couture. Each of the four new eyeshadow palettes – ‘Denim’, ‘Black Bow’, ‘Rouge Trafalgar’ and ‘Mitzah’ – corresponds to an iconic piece of the Dior wardrobe, offering a nuanced array of intense shades that are easy to use and combine.

279 Denim, celebrating the casual chic and timeless style of jeans, the new Dior signature.
079 Black Bow, the iconic couture palette for smoky eyes, a tribute to French elegance and fashion illustrator René Gruau.
689 Mitzah, the leopard eyeshadow of heightened femininity in shades of amber, bronze and copper.
879 Rouge Trafalgar, the designer’s show-stopping red runway masterpieces.

Depending on the palette, the eyeshadow can be matte, satiny, pearly, metallic or glitter, you choose the one you prefer. You can even use some as a highlighter. The duo of double-ended applicators help you explore your creativeity to the fullest to enhance your eyes with luminous makeup in sublime intense colours with extreme wear. Last but not least, the creamy and comfortable texture of the eyeshadow does not migrate into the crease of the eyelid. But we wouldn’t expect anything else from Dior. So which one do you prefer?

Blesnya in the tones of the 689 Mitzah, the leopard eyeshadow.

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