Berdoues Mix and Match fragrance collection

Are you a Bondi Beach girl or rather a Sunrise Beach kind of person ? Well, today you don’t have to choose anymore thanks to the Berdoues MIX and MATCH fragrance collection.

Today more than ever, the fashionable crowd loves to be unique. This the French perfumery house Berdoues understood very well. It is exactly the reason why the brand expanded its Collection Grands Crus with the MIX and MATCH collection, a collection of four fragrances to mix or wear individually.

Travel in style and discover the four new 30 ml fragrances inspired by the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Calvi Beach created by Patrice Martin is a sparkling, citrus perfume. An escape to Corsica. Between beaches and rocky coves, the softness of the sea spray caresses the Mediterranean and the sun breathes its warmth over the skin. A sparkling note so typical of Corsica combines the freshness of clementine, the depth of basil and the strength of lemon.
Can be mixed with Venice Beach.

Venice Beach – a creation from Céline Perdriel – is a woody, spicy perfume. Venice Beach, home to hippies, street style and blissful laziness, represents a breeze of freedom and youth. A moment of life represented by a note bursting with intensity. The vitality of orange, the power of sage and the smokiness of guaiac wood brings force to these landscape so typical of the American West Coast. Can be mixed with Calvi Beach.

Sunrise Beach – created by Sébastien Martin – is a sunny, exotic perfume.Nature with a thousand secrets awakens in the reflections of Thailand’s magical lagoon paradise. In the heart of this protected, unspoilt land, a light breeze reveals a smooth and radiant sweetness that combines the subtlety of tangerine, the fruitiness of davana and the richness of coconut. Is a perfect match with Bondi Beach.

Bondi Beach, a creation by Flavien Laurandeau, is a sprawling white sandy Australian beach stretches before your eyes, making way for the most dazzling dreams. A friendly, lively place with a spectacular, one-of-a-kind view. The sparkling scent of bergamot and lemon, combined with the powdery scent of neroli and the sweetness of vanilla, provides delicacy and comfort.
Can be mixed with Sunrise Beach.

Express your creativity by mixing your favourite duo, for a unique fragrance because two duos that be worn individually or combined. Mix it, be unique!

Price : Vapo 30 ml: 28€

Available in independent perfumeries

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