Martini goes non-alcoholic with Vibrante and Floreale

This summer Martini introduces Vibrante and Floreale, two non-alcoholic aperitifs made as a substitute for the iconic white vermouth from the legendary Italian brand. The newcomers brighten up the warm days with the recognizable aromatic flavor of Martini.

Vibrante is a deliciously complex, citrusy Aperitivo which makes a perfect pairing with the sparkle of tonic water. Best expressed in a glass with plenty of ice, a mix 50/50 with tonic ensures the delicate citrus aromas are carried evenly throughout this irresistible long drink. Garnish with an orange wheel or some grapefruit zest.

Our favourite however is the one on the right in the picture: Floreale. It has the recognizable aromatic flavor of Martini and is a drink with botanical notes and a predominance of Roman chamomile. With this non-alcoholic vermouth, you can create perfect appetizers either taking it alone or mixed with tonic and adding lemon, cucumber, or mint to decorate. If you want an elegant and sophisticated drink, add Lyre’s Dry London or another premium alcohol-free dry gin to create the classic 0% Martini cocktail.

Our recipe? Martini non-alcoholic Floreale with Schweppes agrum

Martini non-alcoholic Floreale 75ml
Tonic water 75ml
Grapefruit zest
Schweppes agrum 33 cl

Step 1 : Pack a balloon glass with ice.
Step 2 : Pour in an equal ratio of Martini Non-Alcoholic Floreale and tonic water.
Step 3 : Stir gently for a few moments.
Step 4 : Add a shoot of Schweppes agrum 
Step 5 : Add some grapefruit zest


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