Rituals Amsterdam Collection

Rituals has teamed up with the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam to create a new line of luxurious home and body products called Amsterdam Collection. The collection launched last year was only for sale in a limited amount of salespoints… till now! Today, the luxury collection got a few extra’s and is available worldwide.

The historic vase at the Rijksmuseum the Rituals collection is inspired by.

With an artful design inspired by an iconic blue-and-white pot from the 17th century, the collection pays tribute to a time when East and West encountered each other in prospering Holland. The pot that inspired the Amsterdam Collection now stands in the Rijksmuseum, but long before it was an exotic eye-catcher in stylish interiors of the past. The pot looks like Chinese porcelain, but actually, it’s not. It’s earthenware, and it wasn’t made in Asia but at a pottery in Delft. The technique is typically Dutch and combines Asian and European influences, a typical feature of Dutch earthenware from this period.

The Rituals Amsterdam Collection contains a dozen of products from candles made from real porcelain to rich and vibrant perfumed hand wash, showergel and detergent for delicate linen. The perfume is based on tulip – a flower that can be found everywhere in Holland and that has become a national symbol for the Netherlands – and Japanese yuzu. The refreshing and vibrant perfume takes you back to inspiring times when luxury products from Asia were imported to The Netherlands for the first time and opened up a new and exciting world. Extremely rich in antioxidants, yuzu is known for its soothing and skin conditioning properties.

The updated Amsterdam Collection shows two changes from the original collection. The packaging of the Fragrance Sticks and the Scented Candle has been updated to a more classic design, but with the same favorite scent of Japanese yuzu and Dutch tulip.

The latest addition to the collection is the iconic Body Scrub from Rituals, especially developed to gently exfoliate and nourish even the driest skin.

The collection in a nutshell:
A scented candle (400 gr)
Fragrance sticks (450 ml)
Parfum d’Interieur (500 ml)
The collection contains a Scent Booster & Softener (750 ml) to fresh up your linen.
Luxury Hand wash (300 ml)
Hand Balm (150 ml)
Gift Set containing Shower Gel, Body Mist and Body Cream
Foaming shower gel (200 ml).
Body Mist (50 ml)
Body Scrub (200 ml)
Refreshing Spray (250 ml)
Detergent Delicate for delicate linen (750 ml)
Luxury Detergent (1l)

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