Barbie x QLOCKTWO : One Pink for Everyone

Under the motto “One Pink for Everyone,” QLOCKTWO has launched a global campaign for their latest product: the QLOCKTWO PRETTY PINK. The release of the Barbie movie has sparked a pink phenomenon.

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With the newest object, PRETTY PINK, QLOCKTWO combines their timeless design with a viral trend for the launch of this limited edition.The unique timepiece features an extravagant hue that introduces a completely new experience for the brand. For those bold enough to express their style within their interiors, it becomes a significant statement of your home’s identity.

QLOCKTWO PRETTY PINK is available as a complete product in a limited edition case with special pink branding in the CLASSIC size (45 cm x 45 cm) for a limited time. With each purchase, customers will receive an art print from the digital world of PRETTY PINK in the size of the timepiece.

The unique time display by QLOCKTWO Manufacture GmbH has gained international recognition.
The company traces back to a simple and ingenious idea by two artists, Marco Biegert and Andreas Funk: to create an object that displays time in the same way people speak it. The two friends worked for years in their studio to bring this idea to life, and in 2009, they finally introduced the first QLOCKTWO – an object that would fundamentally change the way time is represented. QLOCKTWO presents time in the respective native languages, including dialects. With its unique surface design, it becomes an expression of the owner’s personal taste, making QLOCKTWO the most personalized time indicator in the world.
Today, the factory in Schwäbisch Gmünd produces timepieces with surfaces made from materials like million-year-old slate or 24-carat gold leaf. These handmade unique objects are available in over 20 languages, various sizes, and with distinctive front plates. They are globally available for purchase through exclusive retail partners in the watch, jewelry, and interior design sectors.

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