Delsey: inventor of the trolley system and much more

Isn’t it convenient, having a trolley as carry-on luggage and equally as a large suitcase for the baggage hold? Our ancestors had to lug their suitcases and trunks without wheels… Did you know that we owe the invention of the fantastic trolley system to Delsey?

In 1946 the famous leather goods brand DELSEY PARIS was born. The brand͛ name, DELSEY, represents the decision of two bold entrepreneurs to join forces to modernize and innovate luggage for easier travel. At the time, the DELAHAYE enterprise was manufacturing leather cases for cameras, while SEYNHAEVE society was producing coated cases to carry typing machines and record players. Emile DELHAYE and the brothers, Andre & Walter SEYNHAVE, mergered not only their businesses but also their expertise and their names, resulting in many great innovations in luggage.

Since then the French heritage brand has been innovating to promote freedom of movement and fluid travel, committing it͛s expertise and know-how to developing long-lasting and innovative luggage and accessories with French style. In 1972 Delsey invented the trolley system, in 1999 the first backpack with an integrated trolley system and in 2020 the Securitech 3, the most secure locking system. Above all the suitcases are very WOW. Have a look.

We in particular like the Delsey Chatelet Air 2.0 Trunk spinner size L (size 73x42x35,5 cm-91 liter), not only for its looks but also for its unconventional size. Perfect for citytrips when a cabin luggage is too small and a big suitcase to big.

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