Maison Heavenly: Swiss Made Celestial Jewelry for Eternal Moments

In the realm of fine jewelry, where artistry and craftsmanship converge, emerges a new star – Maison Heavenly. This celestial haven of transformative creations beckons you on an interstellar voyage, traversing from the earthly realms to the celestial skies, from distant realms to the here and now, from the days gone by to the days yet to come. For eternal moments…

Maison Heavenly’s creations are designed to transcend generations, embracing precious materials, specially cut ornamental stones exclusive to the house, and shapes that evoke cosmic forces. These creations are beyond gender classifications and are characterized by their weightless designs. The allure lies in their graphic beauty, sizes, hidden symbolism, and a rich palette of colors – all of which form the bold stylistic signature of the maison.

Rooted in Traditional Craftsmanship
The magnetic pull of Heavenly’s poetic creations blends celestial designs with time-honored craftsmanship. These are true jewels of sentiment, masterpieces of both technical prowess and style, crafted by skilled artisans. Beneath their apparent simplicity, they are ergonomic, comfortable to wear, gentle on the skin, and eco-conscious.

Maison Heavenly employs 100% ethical, recycled, and sustainable gold, reducing its carbon footprint by up to 99%.

A Quest for Transparency and Eco-Design
Each of Heavenly’s creations is conceived and developed in Geneva, Switzerland, with traceability integrated from the very inception. The pieces are then brought to life by a partner who is a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), ensuring rigorous adherence to ethical, social, and environmental practices, as verified through independent audits. Heavenly employs 100% ethical, recycled, and sustainable gold, reducing its carbon footprint by up to 99%, a commitment upheld by the CoC (Chain of Custody) certification.

Stones of Impeccable Quality
Heavenly’s devotion to quality-sourced stones is unwavering, regardless of their type. Each diamond from 0.5 carats onwards comes with a GIA (Gemmological Institute of America) certificate detailing its cut, carat weight, color, and clarity. Similarly, tourmalines within the collections receive their own certificates. Through meticulous oversight of each production stage, Heavenly ensures a beauty that’s respectful of both nature and the people who wear their jewelry.

The Inaugural Collection: SATURN

Amongst its initial offerings, Heavenly’s debut collection, SATURN, seems to have descended from the heavens themselves. This collection not only celebrates the beauty of ornamental and precious stones but also reimagines a jewelry tradition with its transformative designs. SATURN is more than just jewelry; it symbolizes infinite love and chance. The interconnected rings, forming the figure-eight shape, embody luck and eternity, elevating SATURN into a symbol of enduring love.

Representing life, time, wisdom, and change, Saturn’s dynamic characteristics inspired Heavenly’s audacious and innovative design. At its core lies a precious stone – either ornamental or precious – symbolizing the essence of sentiment. Encircling it, the rings signify the diffusion of this unique emotion. Depending on the center stone, SATURN emits a distinct energy. The red tourmaline embodies passion and emotional fervor, while the green one signifies vitality, dynamism, and friendship. The radiant power of diamonds resonates with perfect love and unwavering fidelity.

By unfolding its initially fixed rings, SATURN unveils a new jewel, a fresh perspective, capturing the expansion of emotions. It brings poetry and desire to life, adding a fourth dimension, imbued with symbolism and individuality, to the jewelry. Adaptable to all occasions, from dawn to dusk, and accommodating all desires, SATURN is the embodiment of radiant freedom.

SATURN is available as pendant or earring (single or in pair) with diamonds, red and green tourmaline.

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