Babor HY-ÖL and Phytoactive go marble

Some bestsellers got it all! The latest edition of Babor’s HY-ÖL and Phytoactive is a perfect example. Babor’s HY-ÖL and Phytoactive are an inseparable duo that really belongs in every bathroom because of the cleaning ritual that is sooooo special. Since 1956, the water-loving oil and the herbal essences tailored to the skin type have been a dream team in the pursuit of radiantly pure skin. No wonder: the precious oil is super soft and the Phytoactives score points with extra detox power. 

The Cleansing duo is a guarantee for a fresh start all year round. We personally love the soft way in which it cleans your skin. You really feel nothing important is taken away from the surface of your skin. It makes your skin feel comfortable summer AND winter. Moreover my very reactive skin doesn’t show any redness or reactions at all!

Because the eye also wants something, today Babor put the legendary set in a classy marble look. The four different sets for sensitive, dry, mixed and oily and demanding skin, each got their own marble look to enhance the look of your bathroom. 

Each set includes a HY-ÖL (200 ml) and Phytoactive (100 ml). Advised price : 39,50 euro

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