Juliette has a gun presents Lili Fantasy

“For this latest opus, I have imagined a Juliette as carefree as a bubble of champagne, frivolous and disobedient’, Romano Ricci says. “A heroine with a taste for every pleasure: as tempting as an array of sumptuous sweets, it is she who leads the dance… The fragrance, an extravagant cocktail of white flowers and ambery notes, is perverted with a gourmand twist whose name we cannot pronounce. I do hope it is to your taste.”

“The most important thing, darling, is to live a fabulous life.”

Freddie Mercury

Lili Fantasy is an intriguing bouquet of white flowers, ambery notes with a slight Bubble gum gourmand facet. It is a bit sweet but not as sweet as for instance the scents from Escada. It is more an ambery floral scent with in the top note a bubble gum accord. In the heart: jasmine absolute and tuberose absolute and in the base an ambery accord and ambroxan. This synthetic note was discovered in the 1950s and has since then been used as a replacement for ambergris. It really is a complex note. Some people desribe it as salty, skin-like, while others find it more musky, velvety or labdanum-like.

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