ORBO: your hideaway bubble

Lately, I came across an object that made me fall in love. The ORBO family is synonymous with cosy garden furniture that helps you enjoy every ray of sunshine to the fullest even on cloudy or rainy days. The cosy well designed spheres are the perfect hideaway.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all in terms of garden experience. Verandas, luxurious garden furniture, garden rooms… and then you discover ‘Orbo’. Sympathetic from the very first encounter. With organic shapes that fit into every garden and landscape, as the perfect extension of your home. An Orbo lounge can be placed on your terrace, in the garden and on your roof. Or in the corporate greenspace, as a special out-of-the-box work or meeting place. 

“Thanks to our Orbo, we have a southern climate in the garden here, all year round, because it has an electric heating appliance”, says owner Jo De Wilde in the ‘Gazet van Antwerpen’. “Our Orbo is truly multifunctional. We often sit here with our grandchildren for their homework or a board game, but also just with the two of us, with a glass of wine at hand”.

Might be that you are also looking for an outdoor workspace or a cosy cocon to enjoy your garden? 

Maybe Covid-19 forced you to create a separte bubble for a contagious family member… Orbo’s survive in all weather conditions, year in and year out. The construction comes with a pleasant ten-year warranty. They all have a sun protection glazing made of high-tech composite material that can withstand bending and impact forces better than classic glass. All models have a mirror-polished stainless-steel roof to prevent excessive heating in the summer. Larger models also have power supply, LED lighting and Bluetooth audio. Infrared heating and air conditioning are optional. On all models it is possible to add personal touches in terms of equipment, textile coverings, wood finishing, colours and so on.

Imagine those days, that you need a bit of outdoor-inspiration or you just want to get away from noisy kids for a moment, … For those moments the ORBO sphere offer you a perfect hideway. 

Who buys an Orbo?
Owners and users appear to be surprised at what they do in their garden oasis. Reading, playing, relaxing, all are obvious. But the design itself gives peace and quiet and that is to the liking of people with demanding, stressful jobs. They sometimes choose to work just there undisturbed and focused. City dwellers also fall for an Orbo. Because Orbo’s are assembled from parts on site, they can even be carried in elevators and through narrow aisles. This gives the world’s nicest garden room a well-deserved place in the personal life of its owners.

Six models 
The Orbo product range offers space for six to fourteen people. The two smallest models can be rotated so that you are out of the wind, or just in the sun. Access can be closed with a transparent tarpaulin. Larger models have an upward sliding door and windows that can be opened. The curved shapes of the glazing, doors and windows make it a special sensation to sit – or lie – in an Orbo. Because in some models, the seats can be transformed into a lounge bed. All have a large central table. 

Even on days, with low temperatures and a lot of wind, you can catch the last sunrays of the day in these cute spheres. You put on the heating and can carry on working or relaxing. 

New IR heating
New to the top models is the optional infrared heater. This high-quality IR panel mounted on the ceiling, provides very pleasant radiant heat that is more durable than conventional hot air heating.

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