eight dreamy eaux parfumées by Roger & Gallet

Roger & Gallet rebranded this year and gave its formulas and flasks a makeover. On top of that the French perfumery house launches eight brand new eaux parfumées. Prepare yourself for a series of scents that will take you to enchanting places.

Text Mirte Spaey

Roger & Gallet exists for 160 years and to celebrate that the French perfumery house just launched its new fragrance collection. While the makers still wanted to honor the brand’s traditional Parisian descent, they also wanted to modernize the products. And so the past and the present meet each other, in both the exterior and the interior of the perfumes.

Calming or refreshing
The eight scents are divided into two categories according to their function. Fleur de Figuier, Rose, Feuille de thé and Néroli are calming eaux parfumées. You use them when you want to feel more relaxed, for example when you’re stressed as the scents will calm your senses. Gingembre Rouge, Bois d’Orange, Cédrat and Fleur d’Osmanthus, on the other hand, are scents with a refreshing effect. So they’re perfect if you didn’t get enough sleep and want to feel more awake.

Floral and fruity scents really allow you to travel to the places where those flowers and fruits grow.

Photo by Mirte Spaey

Floral, fruity or citrus
Floral and fruity scents really allow you to travel to the places where those flowers and fruits grow. The Rose scent smells sweet like the damascena rose and summery like the Italian mandarin. When you put on Néroli, it’s like taking a trip to the south where orange blossoms are in full bloom. So it is a perfect scent for the summer as well. Fleur d’Osmanthus is inspired by a rare Chinese bush with apricot flowers. It smells very fresh, like spring. Fleur de Figuier carries the warm and fruity smell of figs. Figs grow in warm countries like Spain, so their scent evokes a hot summer day. Gingembre Rouge combines the spicy, herbal smell of ginger with red berries. Perfect for a boost in the morning.

But some people prefer citrus scents. For a tangy scent, go for Cédrat. It consists of lemon water and wild herbs, such as basil, thyme and mint. Feuille de thé smells like black ceylon tea combined with fresh lemon; a very comforting and natural perfume. People on the hunt for a fresh and sensual scent, can choose Bois d’Orange. This eau parfumée smells like fresh orange wood mixed with the sensual scent of patchouli.

Some people prefer citrus scents.

All these scents are also available as shower gels.

So natural
The brand let out all the artificial colors in this new line, so now the products consist for 95% out of natural ingredients. On top of that, the perfumes are developed exclusively in France, with respect for nature and all the people involved in the production process.

Good to know
All these scents are also available as shower gels. That way you can completely immerse yourself in these amazing aroma’s.

Advised price:
eaux parfumées: 21,30€/30 ml, 41,20€/100 ml
shower gels: 8,90€ for 200 ml

Available in pharmacies and on

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