Annayake Perfect Biotic the new holy grail after Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

Every year we experience the same phenomenon. During the change of season from autumn to winter and from winter to spring, our skin at the edge of our hair, our eyebrows, around the folds of our nose and behind our ears becomes extra red and starts to flake. This year was no different. Until we tested the new duo from Annayake: ‘Ultratime: Le Masque-Baume De Nuit’ (night cream) and ‘Annayake Perfect Biotic’ (daytime serum). After one day of using the serum and night cream, we felt a certain relief, and after three days the redness and flakiness had completely disappeared. And that was no coincidence!

Anja Van Der Borght

For the past twenty years, we have been experimenting with all kinds of creams to combat those seasonal rednesses and skin flakes. Only the Eight Hour Cream by Elizabeth Arden and, in severe cases, the corticosteroids prescribed by our dermatologist Christophe Leys (, really helped. This is also the reason why we were so surprised by the result of the Annayake duo. No coincidence, as a few weeks later the back of our ears were red and severely damaged due to shampooing with a thorough cleansing alkali shampoo in preparation for a keratin treatment at the hairdressing salon. We decided to apply a drop of Annayake Perfect Biotic in the morning during our facial care routine. And you wouldn’t believe it, but by the evening – only a few hours later! – the wounds had completely healed. We could not believe our eyes – and ears. We had to know what was going on !

Annayake Perfect Biotic is the first universal skin care product that regulates and protects the skin microbiome of every skin, at every age. The latest years, more and more brands are focusing on the skin microbiome because it plays an important role not only in skin problems but also in skin ageing. In fact, Annayake identified the skin microbiome as the most important anti-ageing factor. But what is the skin microbiome exactly? Our skin, which is already a very ingenious system in itself, is aided in its work as a protector of our body by countless good bacteria found on our skin. There are billions of them all together, which are considered a co-operative organism and called the microbiome. To avoid skin problems it’s important to keep your microbiome in balance.

For the formula of Perfect Biotic, Annayake selected three active ingredients from nature, tailored to the skin ecology of each face. Porcelain flower nectar, dragon fruit extract and a stabilised post-biotum, highly innovative. Together, they ensure

1) The production of antimicrobial molecules in the skin flora, reducing pathogenic infections.
2) The biodiversity of the skin and the balance of the skin flora. The functional immune barrier of the skin is restored and the mechanical barrier of the skin is naturally strengthened.
3) Improvement of skin quality and sublimation of the radiant complexion.

Annayake Perfect Biotic is the first universal skin care product that regulates and protects the skin microbiome of every skin, at every age.

The rapid results of Annayake Perfect Biotic remind us of that other miracle product, Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream, of which we keep a jar or tube in our bedside table. Legend has it that Elizabeth Arden formulated her famous ‘Eight Hour Cream’ in 1930 when one of her favourite horses injured its leg. The official version, however, is that a regular customer had applied the cream to her daughter’s open knee. Whatever the case may be, the product proved to be a real horse’s remedy and significantly promoted the healing process within eight hours. Since then, the product – which proved as versatile as it was popular for healing wounds, soothing rough skin or sunburns, treating dry and rough lips or hands, and grooming unruly eyebrows – has gained cult status. The ‘Eight Hour Cream’ is even many VIP’s secret for beautiful, soft cuticles and for a subtle shine on shoulders, eyelids, cheeks and lips. Just ask Catherine Zeta Jones, Victoria Beckham, Cate Blanchett, Thandie Newton and Emma Thompson. The original Eight Hour Ceam formula, based on petrolatum, skin-repairing beta-hydroxy acid and vitamin E, remained unchanged throughout. If the pungent fragrance is not your thing you can choose more delicately scented formulas.

Unlike the traditional Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, which has the texture and scent of petroleum jelly, Annayake Perfect Biotic is a light serum emulsion that smells deliciously of flowers that remind us of lilacs. In case you didn’t understand, Annayake Perfect Biotic will take pride of place in our bathroom cabinet.

Available from April and the better perfume shops – en
Recommended retail price 69 Euros

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