Centenarian Iris Apfel x H&M

A Barbie styled in her image, make-up collections inspired by her, books by her and about her, … Style icon Iris Apfel may be celebrating her 100th birthday this year, but she’s not thinking about relaxing on her couch just yet. In fact, she just created a collection with Danish fashion brand H&M. The very first Iris Apfel x H&M collection will be available at and in H&M shops in Antwerp and Brussels (Ixelles) from 31th of March 2022 onwards.

Anja Van Der Borght

The Iris Apfel x H&M collection is of course all about clothing AND accessories. As you know when it comes to accessories, Iris is powerful; a real powerlady. Her black, round signature glasses and striking but exquisite jewellery have become the signature of the ‘rare bird of fashion’ as she is also known.

H&M was inspired by Iris Apfel’s love of layers and bold statement pieces.

The collection is a flamboyant mix of textures, designs and cuts. Eye-catchers are the jacquard-woven suit with an embroidery of pea pods and pea pearls, a voluminous volant jacket made of tulle and a dashing volant skirt with a matching blouse in a beautiful iris print. A rainbow of fantastic, bright colours (canary yellow, emerald green, brilliant purple, felt turquoise, warm orange) brings the items to life. The accessories, by the way, incorporate various themes: plants, animals and treasures from other worlds.

“I think H&M is great and absolutely a pioneer in its field. And I love it! H&M is a crack in fashion looks for an affordable price; Totally my thing, then.”

Iris Apfel

Everyone knows that Iris has a strikingly eclectic taste and a lot of influence in the fashion world. That’s why H&M wanted to work with her. Personality, she sums it up perfectly. And her wonderfully flamboyant and eclectic style has no age either. Iris shows what fashion is all about: expressing who you are or want to be in a fun way. She is truly an inspiration! Ann-Sofie Johansson, creative advisor, H&M womenswear.

By the way, if you don’t find your taste in the collection she developed in collaboration with H&M, you can have a loot at the jewellery by the Danish company Monies she usually wears. Monies is available at Zoute Avenue in Knokke. So you too can look forward to your own hundred birthday in true Apfel style.

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