Bourjois spoils you and other fans for its 160th anniversary

Not so expensive but ooh so great… In terms of product quality and packaging. That’s French Bourjois in a nutshell. This year, Bourjois is celebrating its 160th anniversary and of course that is a reason to spoil you!

Text Anja Van Der Borght

The iconic cosmetics brand has been sharing the Parisian secret of elegant, casual beauty since 1863. Throughout its history, it has helped millions of women around the world have fun with make-up and their looks. Inspired by the indefinable ‘je-ne-sais-quoi’ of Parisiennes, Bourjois believes that beauty should be enjoyable and accessible to everyone.

As one of the pioneering French manufacturers of cosmetic products, Bourjois has a long history in developing top-quality make-up. Make-up that is accessible and enjoyable to use. The secret of the brand’s long history? Bourjois stays true to its heritage while constantly innovating in line with the current times to offer playful beauty experiences that help women feel fabulous every day.

Creativity rules
Celebrating 160 years of make-up creativity, Bourjois collaborated with the French illustrator Camille Witt to create special illustrations. Her playful illustration of a pink Bourjois building with the Eiffel Tower in the background, festive fireworks in the sky and dancing figures on the roof, fantastically captures the cheerful essence of the brand. “Bourjois has always been part of my beauty routine, so I really enjoyed working together to celebrate the 160th anniversary,” says Camille. “In my illustration, I imagined a cheerful Bourjois building to evoke the “playful spirit of the brand, against the background “of the Eiffel Tower to symbolise Bourjois’ strong Parisian heritage.”

Fun facts about Bourjois
Did you know:
– Bourjois’ pioneering history began in 1863 when comedian Joseph Albert-Ponsin created make-up sticks with funny names like Jaloux (jealous) and Amoureux(lovers) for actors in Parisian theatres.
– Today, all Bourjois colours have names with a pun, such as Abracadabeige!, Coquelic’hot and Mauve martre.
– Java Rice Powder was launched in 1879 and, selling 2 billion boxes per year, an instant hit.

Bourjois blushes are baked in an oven, just like macarons.

– In 1928, Bourjois introduced the world-famous perfume Soir de Paris, created by Ernest Beaux, the ‘nose’ behind Chanel No.5. In 2022, almost a century later, Mon Bourjois will be introduced, a new trio of fragrances designed to make women smile.

– Bourjois has long helped women stand up for themselves. In 1936, Bourjois supported women’s right to vote in one of its advertisements, while the proposal was being discussed in the French parliament was being debated.

Looking to the future, the brand naturally continues to innovate with forward-thinking products, sensory textures and incredible trendy colours – always designed for apiece of ‘joie de vivre’!

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