What happens when you consider wrinkles as wounds ?

Did you know we all are sleeping less and less. Moreover we sleep less well! On average, we sleep 5 hours 48 minutes a night, instead of the 7 to 8 hours needed to be fit. Stress reduces the quality of our sleep. Our mood and our health suffer the consequences. As the skin is the mirror of our general condition, we often don’t look so good when we wake up. Japanese beauty brand Annayake went a step further looking for a solution and considered wrinkles as wounds.

Anja Van Der Borght

Night is a perfect moment for the skin to regenerate as then it is unaffected by external influences and can recharge itself. During this break every 24 hours, the skin’s cell renewal mechanisms come into play. It finds new impulses for rejuvenation and is particularly receptive to the benefits of night care.

Wrinkles as wounds
Given the skin’s miraculous ability to repair itself after a trauma or cut, Japanese beauty brand Annayake started to consider wrinkles as wounds. Based on this observation, the brand’s researchers formulated an active ingredient, katrizen, which ‘heals’ wrinkles by mimicking the skin’s repair function. Katrizen is one of the key ingredients in the enveloping formula of Ultratime Masque-Baume de Nuit. This true cocoon of youthfulness, combines firming and anti-wrinkle ingredients characteristic of the Ultratime line – Katrizen and Kudzu – (a climbing, coiling and trailing perennial vine) with an exclusive combination of rice bran and rice germ extracts. The outer membranes of rice are powerful natural sources of essential nutrients (proteins, fibres, minerals, etc.). Proteins, which make up 25% of the skin, are the fuel of the cells. Without efficient protein synthesis, stress and the signs of the times deteriorate the natural metabolism of the skin and alter the skin matrix. Stimulating the dynamics of the protein matrix is therefore essential for firmer and stronger skin, reducing stress, correcting the signs of ageing and reviving the complexion. This new active ingredient at the heart of Ultratime Masque-Baume de Nuit, containing a high concentration of rice bran and rice germ extracts, stimulates cell renewal and makes the skin more supple.

“Stimulating the dynamics of the protein matrix is therefore essential for firmer and stronger skin, reducing stress, correcting the signs of ageing and reviving the complexion.”

Ultratime Masque-Baume de Nuit contains 3 hyaluronic acids with different molecular sizes: the densest variant renews and moisturises the skin’s micro-relief. The lightest variant resurfaces the skin and stimulates cell renewal, while the medium variant penetrates into the epidermis and between cells to tone the dermal matrix.

Awakening in beauty
Ultratime Masque-Baume de Nuit nourishes the skin intensively and plumps up the epidermis, both in depth and on the surface. On awakening, the skin is visibly smoother and firmer, wrinkles and fine lines are reduced, the contours are firmed thanks to the synthesis of new collagen and elastin fibres. The skin is velvety to the touch, fresh, supple, soft, plumped up, radiant, rested and … ready for a new day. Not to mention the texture as a cocoon. The Annayake Ultratime Masque-Baume de Nuit invites you to a unique sensory experience. Its caressing texture, with shea butter and coriander oil, envelops the face in a soothing softness. Soft and beautifyl day in, day out.

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