Never too young or too old for Botox® injections

Did you know that you never are too young or too old for Botox® injections ? Aesthetic MD Liesbeth Laureyn from Diest (Belgium) explains how and why. And also tells us what to do if you didn’t get your regular/planned botox injections during the Covid pandemic.

Interview by Anja Van Der Borght

The customer is never too young or too old to use muscle relaxants? Can you explain us why?
LL: “A treatment with muscle relaxants is primarily a treatment to counteract overactivity of the facial muscles and therefore has a preventive effect against wrinkles at a young age; however it ensures a fresh look at any age, even if a wrinkle has already formed. Under the age of 27, I only treat patients with a pronounced frown or I start with a smaller dose. The longer the client uses toxin or starts at a later age, I choose a tailor-made dose for the freshest and most natural result. I also recommend a longer break in between treatments.”

How do you approach this subject if the client – in your opinion – is not old enough for it ?
LL: “Then I won’t treat them. I also don’t treat if there is any doubt about motivation. Furthermore, it is vital to always provide good information and to create a correct expectation pattern.”

What effect can it have, for example two years after the COVID crisis, if the client has not had botox®/less botox® for a while?
LL: “There is actually no negative effect except for the gradual regaining of muscle activity, which may lead to the reappearance of some wrinkles that were previously stopped or prevented. However, this is not a problem at all.”

Do you recommend that clients maintain their regularity?
LL: “Yes, although I leave the final decision to the patient. How or when someone ‘likes’ his/her toxin result varies a lot. Some people like the tight phase best. Others like it when it is a little looser towards the end of the effect. The latter can easily leave a longer period, say 5 to 6 months, between treatments instead of 3 to 4 months. If a real wrinkle needs to be treated, or if there is heavy muscle activity, I do advise to take a few short cuts. Again, setting the right expectations is the most important thing. Also, when there is a longer waiting period between treatments, there is no longer any ‘overlap’, which can influence the tightness of the effect somewhat.”

Are there any recent important novelties/discoveries concerning botulinum toxin?
LL: “Research and studies continue non-stop. There is a continuous search for an even better implementation and extension of the area of application of botulinum toxin. Some companies focus on treating acne/psoriasis/eczema on a dermal level. To be able to apply this, one would almost have to develop a cream and/or the right safe dose. Still a lot of work needs to be done.”

We had the opportunity to test an Azzalure Botox® treatment on 30 April 2021 where Dr Laureyn treated our forehead and crow’s feet. We came to her on the recommendation of some acquaintances and were impressed ourselves with her expertise, the suggestions she gave us on how she would tackle our face and the time she invests in each client. We consciously opted for a natural and non-frozen result and were able to enjoy it for almost eight months. Highly recommended!

More info: Dr. Liesbeth Laureyn, Overstraat 27, 3290 Diest, tel. 0479 81 44 20,

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