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Are you also living the hectic life ? It seems to become a trend but not really a good one! As we are more and more prestation driven, constantly attached to our screens and as stress level rises in our daily life it has some negative side effects on our health and… appearance especially around the eyes! Filorga comes to the rescue with the new Optim-Eyes and the Optim-Eyes [Refresh] Express revitalizing eye contour stick.

According to Filorga, the French expert in anti-aging cosmetics, studies in France have proven that we sleep like 316 hours less than 20 years ago. This is synonym with two weeks of sleep deficit and this of course impacts our physical and mental health and our appearance, especially our eyecontour.

Why? Not only is the skin around our eyes thinner it contains also less elastine and less collagene which makes our eyecontour age faster. Filorga asked itself the question whether we can recuperate hours of sleep around our eyes with a good eyecream. The answer is yes!

For its 10thanniversary Filorga gave its best eyecare product Optim-Eyes a new and very powerful formula. Optim-Eyes version 2.0 is like the well-known product but now also with a brand new complex that strengthens the anti-aging action and the triple action eye care to reduce dark circles, under-eye bags and wrinkles in a single step. After 3 days of Optim-Eyes use, 100% of the women feel that their eyes look like they slept one hour longer.

Did you know that Filorga only launches a product in the market when the results are visible within 7 days?

Our favourite product in the range is the new Optim-Eyes [Refresh] Express revitalizing eye contour stick. This nomad stick is literally and figuratively cool on the go as it easily fits your handbag but the greatest thing about it that it has a cooling and anti-puffiness effect and you can apply it during the day on top of your make-up whenever you see signs of fatigue for an instant refreshing boost and a vital glance.

Cool on the go
The anti-puffiness and cooling effect is the result of a refreshing cryomarin extract gives this product its surprising, icy fresh texture that immediately swells the eye contour. Puffiness is visibly reduced and dark circles disappear like snow in the sun. Fine lines smooth out: thanks to the low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, this formula hydrates the skin and smoothes out fine lines immediately. The right amount of micropowder makes you glow.

The result ? 100% of the women feel that their eyes look like they slept one hour longer.

Available in Belgium from March 2020 onwards @ICIPARISXL and in your pharmacy.
Optim-Eyes, 15 ml : 40,90 €
Optim-Eyes Refresh 12,5 ml : 29,90 €

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