Digital aging: should there still be (blue) light ?

From early morning until late at night we are under the influence of blue light coming from TV, computer and smartphone screens, … Now this also appears to have a negative impact on our health.

Text Anja Van Der Borght
Photo Estée Lauder
In recent years, much research has been done into the possible adverse effects of blue light on our health. Estée Lauder Research has now achieved a breakthrough in its findings on the subject and proves for the first time in-vitro that nocturnal exposure to blue light disturbs the natural sleep-wake rhythm of our skin cells, which can lead to faster signs of skin aging.

Digital aging
Your smartphone that glows blue at night with every message that comes in … this is not a good idea! At night the exposure to blue light can give the signal to our body that it is still daytime and that it must remain alert. The scientists at Estée Lauder have shown for the first time that the exposure to blue light reduces the effect of our biological clock at night and thus affects the natural night rhythm of the skin cells. This means that exposure to nocturnal blue light can prevent or disrupt the skin’s natural recovery process, which can lead to a faster skin aging.

The new night cream Advanced Night Repair Eye Supercharged Complex Synchronized Recovery from Estée Lauder (63,11 euro) is a powerful eye gel that helps to restore and prevent the visible impact of harmful influences – such as blue light. In just three weeks it reduces the appearance of dark circles and illuminates the area around the eyes considerably. The night cream helps the skin areas to recover visibly and acts on the main signs of skin aging, such as lines and wrinkles, puffiness, uneven skin tone and dehydration. It is the secret for a new, restored and energetic look! It also offers an 8-hour antioxidant effect that helps prevent free radical damage.
Of course we do not take this research by interested parties who like to sell creams for granted, but several studies have already amply demonstrated the negative impact of blue light at night on our health and especially our sleep rhythm and repair mechanism.
It is therefore hardly surprising that many other beauty brands are also developing protective products to protect the skin against the harmful effects of environmental influences such as air pollution, UV rays, IR light (infrared light) and now also blue light in all its forms.

The new Uriage Age Protect range offers you everything to protect your skin from blue light.

Photos BlueBerry

But there is a lot more. There are also spectacles as these ones from Blueberry that protect against blue light and put less strain on the eyes. ‘blue light blockers’ for smartphones, tablets and computers are also available. For the time being, these are mainly seen as gadgets; a negative impact of blue light during the day has not yet been proven, on the contrary, light and blue light during the day are necessary for our bodies. But it is an absolute must to put your smartphone on yellow light at night or to download an app which filters this blue light…
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