Leah Thys, Gilda De Bal and Viktor Lazlo about ageing beautifully

Today being young has nothing to do with a wrinkle less or more but particularly with feeling good about yourself and your body. The 50+ woman today is active, independent, modern and curious. Her age gives her strength and is a source of self-confidence. The French-Belgian singer Viktor Lazlo (58) and Flemish actresses Gilda De Bal (68) and Leah Thys (73) reveal us their secrets.

Text Anja Van Der Borght

Flemish actress Gilda De Bal (68):
“I am not very lucky when it comes to my health. I was very ill in ’84 and have a whole history that is not particularly great, but on the other hand this experience gave me an incredible amount of strength which I still enjoy today. You have to come a long way to lower my morale. When I get up in the morning and the sun is shining I can be intensely happy. But when it rains I also think it’s a good thing as it it will make the plants grow well. I think that I am born with a positive attitude. My husband sometimes says ‘you are going in a positive way into your coffin. The fact that I am still here today is such a great gift from heaven that it is an unlikely source of strength for me and I try to take care of it as much as possible. I try to get enough sleep (8 hours) each night. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink. I must be incredibly boring company, but I feel good about what I am doing. I just stopped making theater because my body says it has been enough. You sometimes have to make choices. After 36 years, I went skiing this year for the last time. That is a choice as well. Definitely if you know that sometimes I went skiing twice a year because I find it an incredibly fantastic thing to do.”
“I am not an ambassador of the brand but when Nivea called me with the question if I wanted to be present at the launch of the new anti-ageing range Hyaluron Cellular Filler + Elasticity I looked around and I realized how many Nivea products I have in my closet. Recently we went skiing and I even found a pot of Nivea in my husband’s toilet bag. Honestly I did not expect that at all. He uses the blue pot as a face cream in harsh weather conditions. On the other hand, I agree with him because as the blue pot opens easily and can not run out, so it is very practical when travelling. I myself use Nivea cream bath and bubble bath and I also use the blue pot on a scar because someone told me he had good experiences with it. I must say that it keeps the scar very smooth but I cannot really tell how efficient it is as I don’t know how my scar would have looked if I hadn’t used it. The blue pot does wonders. I think Nivea is like Ikea. I wanted to be present at this Nivea launch because I have known Nivea as a product for a very long time and I am faithful and satisfied with it.”

From left to right: Gilda De Bal, Leah Thys en Viktor Lazlo. Photo Robin Joris Dullers

Flemish actresse Leah Thys (73):
“Nivea is synonym with the blue pot that I have known all my life. The blue pot that my mother used to use, that I use and that about everyone I know uses. I use Nivea for anything and everything. I use make-up remover products from Nivea and when my skin feels dry after having a bath for instance, I take the blue pot and use the cream to soften my entire body skin. But I must say that I occasionally try other things to experience different scents. Nivea is an iconic product that has been around before many other brands were born. Moreover, it is not an expensive product and it has proven its vertues. Nivea is a product that gives confidence. You know that you don’t have to be afraid of neither price nor quality. The blue pot is pure magic. It’s what I strongly believe and it’s easy to talk positively about a product if you don’t have to lie about it. My mother was 73 when she passed away and had no wrinkles. She never used anything else on her skin than the blue pot Nivea.”
“Taking care of yourself is gaining importantance when you age. I started as an actress in the tv-series ‘Thuis’ when I was 49. That is about 24 years ago. I have had the strength to keep on going because I survived other situations. During your life you experience things that make you stronger without you realizing why you feel stronger and more mature when you age. Continuing to be curious and continuing to work. Not that you always have to work, but you always have to keep busy. I find that very important for a woman. Whether you take care of the children or do theater like me. Being busy mentally so that you can focus on another level where you can be happy and you forget about the physical ailments that will come anyway and that are very unpleasant. I want to keep looking as good as possible for as long as possible. I have only one body and one life.”

French-Belgian singer Viktor Lazlo (58):
“Never forget that you only have one body and cherish it without being fanatic. You may occasionally give in to your desires but do it in moderation. Healthy eating and a good basis in terms of physical activity are the beginning of everything. For example, I gave my son the advice not to do stupid things and to respect his body. Not exercise not too fanatically for example or do not make any stupid outbursts because ruptured ligaments will recover but afterwards you will never be able to exercise as well as before. In short, cherish your body as a temple.”

With its new range NIVEA Hyaluron Cellular Filler + Elasticity Nivea focusses on the 50+ woman.

The highly effective formula stimulates the skin to make its own hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin. These three active ingredients form an ideal trio that provides a strengthened, hydrated skin that retains its elasticity. After a few weeks of using wrinkles are visibly reduced, the elasticity of the skin has been improved, the contours of the face are better defined and the skin seems to have gained strength.

This new range complements the category Cellular Filler and consists of 4 products: a day cream, night cream, oil elixir and a serum.

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