Spaas candle pop-up @Wijnegem Shopping Center

Are you also a candle addict? Till 23rd of December you can enjoy unique atmospheres in the Spaas pop-up Momentenwinkel at the Wijnegem Shopping Center and get some inspiration for your X-mas table.

Text and photos:

Candle producer Spaas opened its inspiring shop with different design corners around typical candle moments, such as the Xmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations, to give you some ideas for a great styling of your cosy corners at home.

Wim Dejonghe: “Every Saturday we do a workshop where people can create their own candle. They buy an empty bottle, choose a color and a scent and they can let their creativity run free.”

“Out of a survey that we conducted in 2015 among 2.000 people we learned that our customers attach a lot of importance to moments in their daily life”, Wim Dejonghe, Marketing Manager from Spaas, says. “However the moments we think are important vary according to our age group. People around 35 to 40 years old burn candles when taking a bath while elder people use candles when they want to have a cosy moment or when they have family coming over. For the younger public it’s all about candles when it comes to loving moments. In the pop-up, we highlight six moments that consumers find important: family, relaxation, romance, outdoor, time for yourself and party, including inspiration for the New Year’s Eve party. At the same time, consumers can create their own candle or or put together their own package for the perfect candle setting at your party table. The ‘Moments store’ in Wijnegem Shopping Center fits into the campaign of Spaas to make important moments even more intense by using candles.

Wim Dejonghe, Marketing Manager from Spaas: “We also sell ready-to-use packages. Like this once for instance. It contains two glasses, candles and odorless pot pourrie.”

The Momentenwinkel of Spaas is located in the pop-up store of CDKN, on the first floor of Wijnegem Shopping Center, and is open every day from am 10 to 20 hours from 15 November to 23 December.

“Spaas pop-up @Wijnegem Shopping Center: it’s all about inspiring moments.”

About Spaas
Started 165 yeras ago, in 1853, as a local candle manufacturer in Hamont, Spaas has grown to become a major player in the international candle market. Spaas is the market leader (250 employees) in Belgium and has built up a strong position in many European countries. Today Ben Spaas, part of the fifth generation is heading the company to a new decade. In addition to the production unit in Hamont, Spaas has also a new factory in Poland.


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