Klapp Advent Calendar : being beautiful at Xmas time

It’s again that time of the year. 24 days left to get a radiating skin. Therefore lots of beautybrands launch at this moment their annual advent calendar. We try out the limited edition Klapp Ampoules Advent Calendar that pampers your skin with extraordinary care. Skinconcellular but also Hyaluronic, A Classic and C Pure Power concentrate or Extrait de Caviar Concentrate and Silk code… 24 ampoules help you being beautiful at Xmas time.

The Skinconcellular® ampoules contain highly concentrated active ingredients, tailored to the individual needs of the skin and addressing specific skin problems. They contain a modern combination of ingredients with macromolecular hyaluronic acid and ectoin. Macromolecular hyaluronic acid is meant to protect the skin from additional moisture loss. Ectoin protects the skins repair mechanism as well as its defense mechanisms, and can therefore contribute towards the delay of the skin aging process. Ectoin is also aimed at protecting against UV damage and harmful environmental elements and it gives the skin an extra portion of care. All ampoules are free of perfumes and colorants.

Extrait de Caviar Concentrate contains DNA-marine, Hydrolite® and oysterextract and therefore is ideal for dry, sensitive skin which is poor in lipids. The liposome complex and valuable caviar extracts may activate cell metabolism, improve cell respiration and promote repair processes in the skin.

Silk Code, based on the secret of silk, forms a unique symbiosis between silk extract and sakura, extract of Japanese cherry blosom. This anti-aging series by KLAPP Cosmetics offers a complete skin care experience with unique and silky results for a younger looking skin. Ideal for the mature skin.

The Hyaluronic Power concentrate not only acts as filler for intensive wrinkle smoothing, hyaluronic acid has an intensive moisture binding capacity, thus increasing the moisture depots in the different skin layers. Besides this moisture binding filling effect, hyaluronic acid also boosts cell renewal and protects against harmful environmental influences and free radicals. The elastic and collagen fibers are stabilized and stimulated for renewal.

It’s a cool advent calendar but as the ampoules are addressing different skin times it functions more as a kind of sampling kit than a real cure for your skin. On the other hand compared to other advent calendars it is very democratically priced: only 59 euros.

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