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We have been fascinated by gem stones from the moment we could walk so when I discovered the new Belgian perfumery brand J’emme I got extra curious. Belgian founder Julie Tinant develops her perfumes according to the qualities of semiprecious stones and healing plants. So you don’t only smell great, but you feel great as well.

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Belgian brand J’emme takes the spiritual route with its scents. The brand’s name is a fusion of the words j’aime and gemme, since their perfumes are inspired by gems. The clear perfume bottles of the Essence Universelle range have a very recognizable style with beautiful gems at the bottom. But don’t worry, these scents smell just as good if you’re not spiritual.

Natural and vegan
The products of J’emme are completely vegan and cruelty-free. All of them consist at least for 90% out of natural ingredients, because they believe in the power of nature.

J’emme founder, Belgian Julie Tinant.

Au-delà des nuages, the first scent of the Essence Universelle collection is based on white amethist: ‘the stone of wisdom’. This perfume is an invitation to inner peace, as it will calm and clear your mind. First, we smell the top notes lavender, incense and black pepper. As heart notes, we distinguish carrot, iris and the angelica plant. The warm base notes are vetiver, benzoin and ceder from Virginia.

Après l’aurore from J’emme is like liquid sunshine in a bottle.

Après l’aurore is like liquid sunshine in a bottle thanks to the yellow citrine stones on the bottom. It brightens your mood and boosts your confidence. In the top of the fragrance we first notice the citrus fruit bergamot, green mint, lemon and basil. The heart consist of the plant essences linden and geranium. The third heart note is mimosa, and who wouldn’t want to smell like that delicious yellow cocktail? The base notes, finally, are almond and sensual white musk.

Those with an emotional imbalance might like the special scent ‘Lune Emoi’, that was created to restore it. The orange carnelian quartz in it has purifying qualities. As top notes, we distinguish the fruity mandarin, bergamot, orange and lemon. The heart notes consist of sambac jasmine and the eastern ylang ylang. The woody sandalwood, ceder and resin base notes add warmth to this particular fragrance.

The fourth and last scent in the range, ‘L’espace d’un instant’ is based on black grenade and was created to provide you with strength and stability. We immediately smell the top notes cardamom, juniper berry and angelica. The heart notes are geranium and ceder and the base note is the fragrant grass vetiver.

In short: four very unique scents for four different moods. Try it out for yourself and experience J’emme’s healing power.

Advised price:
150 euros/100 ml
15 euros for the discovery box
You can find the perfumes on the webshop:

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